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Tells mornings on the mall. He doesn't believe the indoor dining ban had any impact on covert spread. But is that truly the case? Frederick County kept restaurants opened at 15% capacity over the holidays and never closed it all. Now, even his national and statewide metrics, he cases falling in Frederick. It's just the opposite. From February 1st. There were 27 people in the hospital at Frederick House with covert and today there are 42. That's a 55% increase in hospitalization. Now, the executive Jan Gardner says outbreaks are also growing in nursing homes and other care facilities in the county. They say good fences make good neighbors. But some of the U. S capitals neighbors have had enough. D c delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has introduced the No fencing at the United States Capitol Complex Act that comes as a temporary razor topped fence surrounds the grounds and Capitol Hill. Police recommend a permanent fence go up. Some residents abandoned together in a group founder Allison Cunningham does, in fact, the character here, but it's also the character of our country and the character of our capital, and what message that sends around the world. Burnell Capitol police The fence has two stays. They investigate security failures that led up to the January 6th Fry it till NATO fox News. There will be a homecoming tomorrow for a Loudon County sheriff's deputy shot last month while arresting and accuse shoplifter. It's been a long month and a half for 26 year old sheriff's deputy, Cameron Gentry. He's been in the rest in hospital center since January, 2nd when he was shot four times by suspected shoplifter at the Sterling Walmart Hamren's leaving the hospital Saturday, according to his father, Tony Week. Fourtou. We know that there's gonna be a lot of people out there making noises. He's coming out all the way home, including his colleagues, who haven't been able to visit him because of coded restrictions. While Cameron's coming home. Tony says his son's still can't walk on his own. He's got a long road ahead, but happy to get out of the hospital. Other Curtis Sound W M A L N W Imelda calm. Loudon County lawmakers will vote march 2nd on a bill that would ban guns in county parks and government buildings, except for those with concealed carry permits and others in limited circumstances. The Board of Supervisors is also considering stations with magnetometers at the three main government buildings. The board moved the proposal forward with the 72 vote, with two Republican members opposing the ban, citing Second Amendment concerns. Today's the last day you can ride Metro's blue line for the next three months.

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