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Journey on that connection to sell it has been allowed to has dave pinned lack. I never thought i would ever experience sorry yet. There's just so much. Three great hopeful. Wow that's such a beautiful thing to add into because it's yet again another story retail sales about what mother could looks like and share with us. What you do now with mamas and how this has Tending to more than just your own spiritual exploration and your own understanding of who you are as a mother and as a woman that now this is really transforming into creating this spice for conversation with pregnant women and new mama's about the uncertainty they feel about. Am i doing this. A good m. I doing a good job. Am i able to do this. Am i doing it well enough. How you sharing this with others now. Third i definitely started in in regards to my mama writhing metron since journey. It definitely was for me. As you mentioned in the beginning on the fast runs it wasn't a facilitator cool. When i was full months price pado again. You reached out to us. Ole end mentioned that you were doing. I think it was called accelerated on which we would get to work with you one on one and then continue on to the facilitator coal to end. I had that moment again. I just i need to. Jv like dr lori. Why because i didn't mention both full. But i've been Nine news now. And when i felt pregnant because of my Finery these now. I didn't know if i wanted courage. I was just kind of looking at this is. I'll just do without in the time collins. And say what happens then experiencing what i had an how just the impact that metric Memorizing have had on me passively our that there is no way. I can no onna be feeling i have been to hostile zone and begin to share this with other women and mothers and sir i said it'd be guest to that one on one and continuing the memorizing program which i will continue for as long as you do it and yeah. I came back to my coaching. Knowing very clear that now it would be focusing on mothers and whether they were expecting moments or new moms. I knew that fit either of these beautiful women. I had something very important to share with them. It was much they see us say. I took very long maternity leave. I think about seventeen months price pod. When i felt ready to kind of comeback out in the yeah. And since then i've just been talking about it. Three my instagram page and my focus has been building a really strong community just to nurture those relationships that was my number one priority. So that's what. I've been really focused on and so from there. I'm i'm starting to welcoming these beautiful women that i hold space for a one one capacity the knowledge of May what it has done. And of course my experience as a mava the way in which i hold spice for them now is next level latch. I truly understand. I truly save in hidden and feel what it is. They're sharing with me and say it has made may as courage just so much more potent. So i really recognized. My strength is in one on one really intimate settings a couple of months ago. I decided to run an impasse in wet shop. He in gambia. Where i live. I kept saying. I want it to be intimate. And that's exactly what i got. I got three beautiful light. Mob is so they were expecting an one. Second time momma hurry has secondly to one was around six months at the torn and it was so beautiful just to show up and i with them metro since and some other things. I decided to add eaten and really allowed them to lead the way. Yes it was such a beautiful experience sir. From what i decided to do was to open up like a free online village cold thriving price pot him and we now placed nine t remain in there that i just had swiss less than two months ago and i just feel very honored to facilitate the face. Sorry it's very nearly where. Oh finding out fate in that again. It's the connection and the relationships. That i really wanna match in there Which is just an on us. Sorry i will be turning the workshop into marvin online intimate experience and also in the process of using the memorizing the facilitator training in the memorizing formula turning that into my own kind of intimate program just a month in general terry sorry disturbed match that you can do release its allowing yourself to i guess try different things than say what feels really good on fear and allow it to be as long as the process as it needs to yes leg. I think a huge difference. I have noticed in my business now from book. Full becoming a mother is i just. I'm not pushing this lack. I am in it for the long run answer. It's notes win. Is this going to take off obey successful or whatever it is you wanna kinda say. It's that is inevitable. it's already happening. You know that faith. And that trust in. I am doing exactly what i need to be doing. Just go to bully the strength. That's what i'm finding. Is the most powerful an impactful kind of way of i guess really Nurturing my business now and again it thanks to you being my mentor. Biggest inspiration especially how you take toss to really owner the feminine. That's what it is. It's this masculine of okay. I have to create this. And then i have to send aid base many paper when this much money in a refreshing and the pressure again is just a huge way. Spain lifted sorry and it is the greatest on it to say. You sharing this in the why you're sharing it and as you speak about it it always comes back to the experience of metron Obviously in even just the way that she spiked combat. How you'll honoring the timing of your business being led to where you need to guard just honoring in sawyer inspired to hold spice to be really clear on what you want this to be intimate and community based you know these are the same principles. We get to choose for the way we experienced motherhood as well. That's why you. And i both believe with our whole body that if the world understood metron sense it would be a different world because within this framework within this understanding we get to change the way we show up in molin just motherhood but everything in business in life in our relationships within ourselves. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story today. As i said i have spoken about two on so many different stages in in so many different places because it is bain one of the greatest honors to see. How an understanding of this can not only take you from a place of. I don't know if motherhood is for me to then experienced such challenges within those first months of motherhood like you did and now being a place of such certainty to whole space for other women my goodness it is such an honor. Thank you so much beautiful. Thank kyrie.

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