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The breakwater in long beach this frank motech supreme court reverses a law that fuel internet commerce in the ninety stocks pulled back your money at eight twenty morandi cartoon peru in france underway at the world cup while flying hot dogs can be hazardous to your health we go inside baseball in ten minutes l as mayor and presidential hopeful eric garcetti at the border today talking about immigration and kids separated from their parents on the next fifteen minutes or i eight fifteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives here's jennifer you're gonna go right to brian he's got the pacific coast termite ninetyone jam cam new crash ninety one westbound right for a long beach boulevard looks like two car seats be says they are blocking not giving us details of what lanes but i do see some slowing there it looks like this is going to clear pretty quickly which is good westbound you're gonna be heavy out of sereda soon enough slower they're either eastbound side we've got something working a right before the six zero five so heads up there get a little slowing have a problem the one ten this is a crash near downtown here's desma jal it's an outside of the one ten just past the one on one and the right lanes would take it away round this injury crash or the backup coming away from florence but i actually figaro is holding a pretty well as far as an alternate especially through downtown and that's nice because you take it to where it ends and you will pretty much bypass the problem there southbound looks like it's gonna be kinda heavy here coming away from before the five getting through downtown and more of the one ten farther to the south scuppered putting up through the carson area the northbound ninety one hundred crash go down there the cars made it off to the right shoulder but looks like the second lane or left lane is still blocked there and it is really tough coming out harbor city now pretty much from sepulveda's boulevard northbound why tampa south outside heavy off the ninetyone figaro main any of those should help you out all right in the highland area jewtown eastbound at holly just sort of mentioned we've got a chicken he's walking along the roadway fourth thing to ten east at highland that's out in san bernardino the southbound side of these six five is still pretty heavy it's got a frustrating 'cause there's nothing to blame for it it just is what it is it's a tough coming down from the sixty now heading down to other five northbound five little toughest well from the water five of towards the five our next report is eight twenty five i'm jennifer your.

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