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They're developing a game changing covert vaccine. This one looks like it's ultra potent details coming up after Khyber radio, real time traffic Here's Tracy Taylor. Like when we start to see volumes kind of thin now, just not the case on that north and five drive after one 45th to 20th and, Yeah, you're still going to find yourself in some heavier traffic near one 48th in South Everett. Not sure what the deal is. I know Dio ti and was thinking the same thing. I was by zooming in it the camera one 95th because there is some slowing after 5 to 2 in heading out that direction, But I don't see anything, and I don't think they do either Driver's air still running into some heavier traffic on south and four or five through Bellevue and heading into Newcastle, still touching the brakes on north and four or five at the Valley Freeway. Now drivers through to coma are still going to experience some delays. Specially on south five, crossing the King Pierce County line heading out towards 54th and five crews. They're still working on the crash on a south and 509. This is out near Alexander out. That's still taking up the two South bound lanes just in from the Washington State Patrol and D O T. The contractor, cruise air off the road and all lanes are back open on for 10. Following the fish fire closure in Enumclaw Traffic is brought to you by Conspirator E and it Inspectorate E. They're providing employee benefits. HR technology, payroll and scalable. HR services from more than 34 years in spirit, E H. R That makes a difference. Cairo RADIO Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor, now from the Cairo Radio New Center at my northwest dot com That's really important to get the vote in. I just want to make so it's dead. Miscounted, You know, a record number of voters across Washington State are getting those ballots in ahead of tomorrow's general election..

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