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Tomorrow. Two hundred and fifty eighth annual parade. Wow. Here you go to a million people expected to attend the street closures in New York so Fifth Avenue between forty third and seventy nine so enjoy the Saint Patrick's Day parade tomorrow on a Saturday. Well, you got this new Hudson yards project and a couple of hours. They'll be cutting the ribbon just a simple little twenty five billion with a B project is the largest mixed use private real estate venture in American history about that just the the sculpture alone that they have their cost two hundred million dollars by God four thousand apartments. Anyway, let's let's have Alice Stockton rose. Cd check it out. She's on the scene. Alice's an impressive for you. Jones. It's huge the buildings are really really tall really big buildings. There's a lot of very anxious. People dressed in dressed to the nines actually smoking cigarettes looking very anxious. Why construction default so running around shining things up sweeping things up shops doing setup getting ready? You know, feeling all of the excitement and people are calling this an ambitious experiment in urban planning or billionaires playground. Critics calling it a west side west world eighteen million square feet of fun reported six billion in tax breaks. Now, that's almost double the Amazon deal. Where were the protesters on that New Yorkers are coming out and dwells to see this this new development a hundred retail stores are opening four of six brand new shiny towers are open today along with a one hundred fifty foot tall sculpture? It's called the vessel to me. It looks like a parking garage. Wine. So it's it's a. Two hundred million dollars to sculpture it's by. Million dollars twenty twenty five hundred steps at a cost of two hundred million dollars. And everybody wants to get up there. I tried to get tickets because it's free tickets. But it's booked.

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