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Because as i was counting down my question is to number two what. What's the co how. How's everything going to shape up at the cornerback situation. Who's going to be playing the outside. Who's going to be playing the slot and those things exactly you. We know what player there might. They're gonna probably start off of places but who's actually going to be answering those roles in taking those roles by the time week one rolls around. I was ready for this one. Okay okay ready. Yes i have no idea jerry. Fared sir you're giving these deserve david. Yeah that's where there's been. You can go down a different train of thoughts that you've seen go on out there and that's that you know. Hey maybe genes. Peer wins the outside spot. You got cam sutton playing in the slot but again. I saw jeffrey a- done on was hammered. Kevin did all the film on sutton. Now i don't have to give credit but it was one of it was great only showed how good sutton was on the outside and seeing how that all plays out is going to be part of the fun of training camp and what i want to see what i want to really see now remember last year how we kept talking about what we were really looking forward to was banner. Choose fighting for that. Other tackle spot. Yeah that's what. I want to have fun. Seeing history and camp button potentially peer fight amy than jane gets on exactly arthur. You've played for the jets. could maybe get. We'll see right. You've you're going to have all these guys fighting for these spots. I love it i really. You know if you asked me just to you know. Take a stand and have a take on it. I really think sutton can is the odds on favourite to win that outside spot. Early son's going to be the answer software. Honestly if you think about it but yes. Jeffrey brought up an interesting point. He thinks james. Pierre brings the physicality to the position to where he could play the slot. Although he's never we've that's not what they've seen him do people like that. that's crazy. But he checks the boxes. So i don't know if that's gonna try or not. Maybe not so that's interesting. Can i ask a follow up question with that turkey. Do you feel like that's a position they need to add to do. Okay you as a fan field position. They need to add to said need need. I will say you can't even answer. No personally no new. A lot of fans feel there still a need there. I think there are a lot of fans feel. There's a need to add somebody there. I don't necessarily feel that way. We all know how the front office feels you right now. I'm my thing is the front office. Feels good with it. Yeah because they haven't done anything else but if they do something else that will tell you that. Maybe they're like. Hey too many question marks to just yeah we gotta throw another guy in the mix to help. Make sure we get the question. Mark answer my allowed to answer this one. Go ahead since it was a follow up. Okay the answer is yes because it's also very different from my number one. Okay lead not yet. Did they need to add my actually. You know and i know there's report. There was a a tweet. Those out there deleted real quick. There was the report of the steelers. Were signing steven nelson and then nelson kinda referred refuted that That was some crazy stuff. That michael beckwith sharon with as he's put all that stuff. 'cause you know mike wants to sign. Everyone also remind you what i told michael. If you don't want the steelers to have to do any other contract extensions or restructures wait that going on now to save more cap space and push more money off in order to sign someone else the steelers have. I have it that they need nine point. Five million for the season between the last two guys on the roster..

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