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With met matic and he's one of the organizers one of the trump republicans see so one of the fiercest conservatives in the state and that's why i like him so much so tell people what's ghana healthier on your soul nights thanks so much i am so excited about what's happening here in michigan of what's happening in this nation you know we have all we have one opportunity the way i look at that we've been blessed with the opportunity to have president trump elected uh we can see just how we can see the havoc that he's already creating and are the the people that just do not want to many moderate but all the right people earth if furious right varriale directive or theory with all these swamped oilers they are they are scheming every possible every doing everything it possibly can to scheme ally and deceive to stop this man of to stop this in a we are we are in the mist of book we are in the beginning of a conservative revolution in this nation to wear retur restore the political process back to the people and are there is nothing there's nothing greater than their cricket well what are the things it speaks to a that what you talk to weeks jewish who carlo dossier is going to be here tonight little and you were may remember early on he was donald trump's original campaign manager they caught on video i can't remember the woman's name but she came up and she lunged toward trump and he just did nothing worth a bet mover hand away and trump secret service guy at the time came up and they tried to paint debt corey lewandowski was beating the crap out of girl remember that whether it that was just completely bogus and that's that they've been doing nothing but trying to malign us we the thinking which is what donald trump went to dc with our agenda since the beginning yeah and the media is an absolute four freak out mode right now because for the past forty years in this nation they have had the rains and they have had the opportunity to to slow all of us and you know they they they're not going to.

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