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We kind of said okay. Let's give them a empathy. Let's give them a little. Let's see empathy okay. That was the best that was the best thing in their campaign. We'll get an empathetic president. You just looked everybody in the eye and said that was four days ago said that to the families that are they're dead. That's eighteen hours prior. I'm do you think the american doesn't see. I think they see it. I think it's going to your your high on the evidence what we're gonna the democrats are seeing. What biden's doing this is fucked. They're going to double down. So you think you wanna know where we can reelect joe biden and at one. Why the fuck in democrats get it right. They pander look when we complain. We don't get what we want in our side of the house. They pant don lemon. Go look at all the people that host the shows that the one that that that that other one with the head do the one that took night the female. She's crazy looking and she's not there they're all. Msnbc and cnn go look at them they will double down and double down in double down. He didn't mean that this didn't mean so you can't when you look at the look at fox news. Everybody's ninety i loved in. But they gotta give danny a show. The am danny needs his own platform. What did they say. An old democrats said once it's with republicans is bleach. Like we have a sense of honor and a little bit of sensor on right but for us. Democrats is blood sport They'll do it. Whatever means whatever it takes they will cut your throat and step over the body. I hope i hope well. How do we win. Tell me the angle educating educating what. They what they got on us. But if i it's not gonna i'm gonna tell you why it's i'm not gonna call you up and tell you it's gonna work but a young jenner. Young generations always liberal as they get older they get more conservative right because they don't want to lose their money. Tax the prey age in theory. Yes i think so. As you age you get a little more wiser. I think so when i was eighteen. I was like canada's free healthcare. ou's dope. I want free healthcare. Sixty percent of money. Now i'm like oh as soon as you start making money you you turn more concerted right so i mean i just i'm hoping i i had this arguments that day even with People social media. They're talking about god. You do that. Physical my biggest thing is like we don't have the con- converse armies of the world..

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