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I wanna get your reaction. To the New York Times article in which they interviewed the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi in what she said that she's not sure Donald Trump will willingly leave office if he leaves if he loses reelection in twenty twenty your reaction to that. Well, I think she is articulating what we are all feeling which is this is a president like, no other. He does not pay attention to any of the rules. He is in my opinion, moving us from a democracy towards a dictatorship where equal branches of government Coequal branches of government, don't get thority or jurisdiction. And I think she's articulating a fear that perhaps a lot of people have that. There's nothing indicating that the president will follow any rules much less the rules of an election and given that do you expect William bar to turn over the full unredacted Muller report as demanded by congress tomorrow. I am not hopeful that he will. But. You know, we want to give him one more chance to do that. And I think the chairman has been very very patient. But you know, this is our last opportunity to make sure that the department of Justice complies with an authorized subpoena issued by a co equal branch of government. We're least Coequal joy. We're actually I in article one. So you had almost argue that we're I, but when you say that we are not going to comply with any of the subpoenas number one that the president has been saying number two bar has said in his letter to us on Wednesday night, where he declined to provide the full Muller report, the unredacted Muller report and the underlying information he said, he does not see a legitimate legislative. We do not have legitimate legislative authority, which is absolutely crazy congress legislates everything from you know, issues around election security, volume one. It's all about Russians interfering with our election volume to all about obstruction of Justice, well within our legislative authority well within our jurisdiction so for him to deny us because he thinks we don't have legislative authority takes us to this next step of a White House that does not believe that congress is a co equal branch of government. And I think that is incredibly dangerous if he doesn't turn over what will congress do? What is the next sanction? Well, we we will cite him for contempt. We will issue a contempt citation. And then as you know, there are two sort of means of enforcing that one is through the courts, and we will explore every single avenue. We have the second is through something called inherent authority where congress in the past congress has actually had a congressional jail. You can go in jail people for not complying with legally authorized subpoenas. There are fines, there are all kinds of avenues. And if the Torney general continues to insist on being defense counsel for the president instead of attorney Joe. General for the entire country and refuses to turn over this information..

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