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Her social media presence offensive insensitive and inappropriate Kathy Jew she's twenty years old she's a present a college Republicans university Michigan tweeted screen shots of the email correspondence with the Miss World America organization on Thursday she says the strip me of my mission Michigan title like miss Michigan hard to say miss Michigan title due to my refusal to try on a job yeah the job in two thousand eighteen my tweet about black on black gun violence and insensitive stats around that so like you know I read these tweets and there there's nothing terribly insensitive about them they come from a conservative viewpoint but I don't see anything really conserver are controversial about the middle all here's a big of hypocrisy that every time we talk about a beauty queen people are always on the fact that well you have to stop objectifying women so we're not gonna do the beauty pageant stuff anymore with the bikinis okay so she she tweeted some stuff that is actually more on the smart side she has an opinion whether you agree with or not as you know it's free speech in this country she can say whatever she wants to yeah but it's like so now they're going after what she did tweet about make up and hair did I mean like what they've been happier if she was like I love Kim Kardashian so I think you can ask for both she's young and she may be tweeted something maybe the way she phrased it was somehow against the miss Michigan a beauty pageant rules yeah but she had an opinion and she's smart instead of vapid and I think she that's the whole thing that they should they're making a mistake here let's put it this way if she had said president trump is the next Hitler and the migrant facilities at the border were concentration camps and all Republicans are racist I have a feeling she's told not to that crown as in other words if it's if if it's some perspective that is anti conservative great free speech right goes the other way different story altogether I think they would have still taken away her crown I think they don't want to have an opinion that is polarizing I think that's the idea that they want her to be middle the road for a milk toast I thank you for that these things get expedited if it's a conservative viewpoint yeah as opposed to a liberal what seems to be the case now the trump is an office here in that anyway I know you want to talk about your girl camel hair who is not my girl at all why is that she does not understand the importance of pop culture on her campaign or on the youth vote she is being ripped apart by Taylor swift.

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