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We're GONNA kinda get into a preview mode of just what free agency can look like for the cowboys. Because the cowboys have a ton of free agents and Yeah I think a lot of a lot of free agents and a surprising number of very good was and walk into the assumption that they're going to figure something out with Daqing Amari and I think that is a safe assumption to make this point. I just don't see the night getting something done with either them. So that comes up to the next name on the list in its Byron. Jones Byron Jones. I want today. I want to focus on two defenders fire and Jones. WanNa focus on Robert Quinn because I think those are the top four free agents. The cowboys have so focus on Byron Jones. I because we talked about it before Tom. But we don't know exactly. How the coaches feel about Byron Jones? But we do know one thing since the cowboys are probably not as good of a defense without it and if the League is very high on him you know he will get snapped up if they the cowboys make what I think is a mistake. And don't sign him The NFL just put out their top. One hundred one free agents and you know I you see the Dak is one in. Amari is three and then down at not very far at number nine. There's Byron Jones the League sees his value. And I just it drives me crazy that there's people but go I can't even have interceptions. Yeah but he's doing a lot of good back there stopping passes from getting completed. That's yes in Byron Jones is okay. What Fire Jones Calling Card athleticism? Yeah one of the most athletic corners. Long Corner Best you know. He's a sticky sticky man defender. And that's what Chris Rashard liked about it because he leaves razor thin. You know razor thin amount of space between him and the person that he is defending has Aaron been beat. Sure he has lots of guys get beat. Every top corner in the league gets beat. I'll tell you right now. Dion Sanders has been beat before. Okay and I get that. Everyone's upset about the interceptions like he doesn't get a lot of picks. Okay so yeah. That's that's but interceptions in turnovers and things like that. Those aren't real measurable you don't you can't predict stuff like that. You can't predict what those what what somebody's going to how many interceptions are going to get. How many sacks they're going to get it just depends on everything around him. Byron Jones is the cowboys top corner but Byron. Jones is going to command a lot of money and right now a spot track has Jones market value at a five year. Seventy one million dollars about in fourteen fourteen point two million annually. That seems like a lot to pay. But I think the cowboys have some of the most SP- cap space in all of the NFL. Right now. That Yeah Shelly. That people should understand that maybe Byron Jones resigning him. That's probably the best they could do. Because what do they do? They don't sign your you're not gonNA replace his coverage ability and you're talking about the how. How Crystal Shard liked him. I admit I would be just gold to find out what Maurice Linguist and Al Harris think about him. And how would they want to coach him? Especially since Al Harris. Tom is a man cover teacher. Like that's what he does is man coverage that since that's his specialty press man and we. I don't know this but I suspect they are just chomping at the bit to see what they can do with a little bit of coaching and maybe give him a little bit better on his ball awareness and stuff it just. He's just seems too valuable a piece. You should not let someone like that walk and the cowboys can can manipulate the cap space with their bonus structures and deferred money all that stuff and they can find the room to get to sign not just top three. But they're top of four free ages and still have room to work for the for the fill in other blue holes. There may still have would. It might keep them for making a big free agent signing from the outside but it still is doable and that and that's kind of what I want to get because look let's say the cowboys just don't want to pay that price tag. They don't WanNa give Byron fourteen million per year they don't WanNa pay him seventy one million dollars okay. Well it's not like the they're going to be able to sit there and fill his role with anyone. I I don't know how the cowboys coaches spiel. About Jordan Lewis. I think Jordan. Lewis is good and he can start. I think the cowboys you can't just go and sign you know who's the other Anthony Brown and be like. Hey guys we're good. We're good here because Cheeto a YMCA has so much technical issues that he has to fix like turning his head and being able to stay in. Stay in the play. Those kind of those kind of issues Jordan. Lewis is going to be limited by size at times and Anthony. Brown is going is a vast guy but I'm not. I don't necessarily think that he is the most disciplined corner so Byron Jones is their best corner if they do not resign Byron Jones. What do they do okay? We'll say well we'll just drop the guy. Okay just draft a Guy. Okay and then you have wh who you're GONNA draft and they're gonNA have their own growing pains they're gonNA show up in automatically look better than Jordan Lewis or should They're not GONNA do that. And you're going only going into the draft with seven picks and you've got a you've got several holes to fill you know we've we've talked about you know we're talking about corner if they if they don't do Jones but then they still gotta worry about safety and then you know. Georgia's bigger way bigger of a whole at safety. Then they are anywhere else and then then if you take out Byron Jones and you don't resign him then you're a major whole on the whole back end of your defense. They've already got. You've got needed defensive. Tackle too so yeah. You've got Y- yeah you. You can't sit there and say that you're going to go into the draft because a it's a college player you never know for sure how they're going to do taking the next step and there's almost always some growing pains and you know and so let's say if the cowboys so in my mind in my opinion here if the cowboys say no to Byron Jones will then they have to go out in free agency and they've got a sign somebody that can play and somebody that can actually play well You're probably not going to be quite as good. Know exactly. Because their backup plan the best they could probably do is go after the Denver Corner. Chris Harris he's thirty years. Old has his market values about thirty three million dollars. So it's about eleven million a year and he's got twenty career interceptions that's great but he's thirty years old so now you're you're still just kicking that CANTU next year. What you're GONNA do afterwards. Yeah you know then. They could possibly go after cornerback. Trae waves from Minnesota three years. Twenty five million dollars is what it's looking like. His spot track you know. Mark Value is eight million annual. He's got seven interceptions to his career and he's twenty seven years old same age as Byron Jones. And right there I can tell you. He's not as good. I mean I'm just not. He's just not as good. So are you really. If you're going to free agent way you're still going to have to spend some money a pretty penny if you will I think that you would just be better off. Re-signing your own guy and keeping him in your on your roster for the next five years. Yeah and and like I said you're going to manipulate those contracts and set them up so that you can work them in under the salary cap and you're you can still do it in have room for our fourth guy. Yes and that's why we're going to start talking about Robert Quinn so Robert Clinton leads the cowboys and sacks with twelve sacks last year. He was exactly what you believe would be. If you've got demarcus Lawrence help demarcus Lawrence. I know a lot of people are down on his production last year but he was he was more productive for the cavaliers last year. Bass what you see when people are double teaming demarcus Lawrence you get a guy like Robert Quinn in here. And he has a huge year. Well he is going to be thirty years old and his market value right now. It is three years thirty five and a half million an average of about eleven point eight million a year and there are folks out there that you know. I think most people would rather resign. Robert Quinn I think I would rather resign Robert Quinn. I think we're starting to see in the league that pass rushers even older pass rushers. Terrell suggs are still very productive in the NFL. And I think that the cowboys another thing just like we said Tom with with Byron Jones. If you don't have Robert Quinn there that you're back to square one where demarcus Lawrence is the best guy on your football team on your defensive line and everybody just kind of bills in. Yeah and they don't produce much. Yeah and I don't think that's what what Might Nolan Jim or wanting to look at they. They want the horses. Course coaches always want the horses to go out there but Yea I think they need to. A quicken has indicated is very open to staying in Dallas. And so you know maybe maybe they get something done with him Before the the others because he is probably be the smallest hit of all of them and so about a three year deal. I think it's very much doable for the cowboys here. Thirty five and a half million dollars are going to be provision in there. There's going to be ways they can. The cowboys can protect themselves. And it's always really a two year deal with the third year in fact what are you. GonNa you GONNA eat some dead money but it's not gonNA cripple you exactly because I think folks are kind of getting ahead of themselves your Tom by saying like well. They can't do all of this. They can't do everything yes they can't as I think that just people are getting ahead of themselves with Robert Quinn. Thinking that the cowboys can't do it all and and I really think they can't. I'm I think that if they they gotta get the Dak Prescott Stuff Amari Cooper done I or they can't really start doing anything else Which we know but these are guys that are off Robert Quinn in Byron Jones. Our guys that if they walk out that door you now have put yourself in a worse position and there's not a lot out there that you can. You could feel with that. What are you GONNA do? If you don't re-sign Mar- Robert Quinn you're GONNA look to Buffalo's defensive in Shack Lawson twenty five years old. I mean he's probably GonNa get an ice deal it's going to be you know somewhere around eight or nine million a year for four year deal. Then you're sitting or you could go after Atlanta's Vic Beasley who the Falcons said. They plan to resign which should be a red flag right there. What's going on there so I don't know Tom?.

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