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So. let me tell you about the most successful serial killer whose name you've never heard of her name is Julia so fana and she killed hundreds of men in seventeenth century Italy when she turned her make up business into a poison factory and if you approached her and she trusted you she would sell you this deadly concoction called aqua to fana in this thought to have been laced with arsenic lead and belladonna and she made it her mission her goal in life was to help you but they referred to in the story as a spy ring windows a murder their husbands because during the renaissance you actually couldn't get out of a marriage there was no possibility for divorce particularly in Italy was Catholic Church there was no allowable divorce women were forced into marriage by their families without having a say in the matter and many women were very very unhappy at the at the husbands level of control and so she decided she was going to with her through her make up factory. provide an out and she was able to buy slipping people this thing that people that hide in their medicine cat or rather their their make up boxer make up cabinet this thing that you could then slip into someone soup it was untraceable because just the right amount she calculated this to kill someone she got she managed to do this so she was fine no one knew what was going on they just soon all these deaths were natural causes because it's across a fairly large section of Italy she was caught because of a bowl of soup a woman had decided to kill her husband she put the the the aqua divina in the soup then at the last minute got cold feet took the simple way the husband got suspicious grilled her she confessed that she caught the the potion from from the from Juliet to fana so she then. hold of the local bishop about it she though the flat it she ran into a church she hit other people sort of coming forward and saying yeah that's how I managed to kill my husband too so not only was she executed all whole bunch of people who are her customers were executed and at the end she confessed to six hundred men the totals actually believed to be higher but six hundred word for a record keeping back then actual confirmed deaths associated with a poison there you go. that is a lifetime show but it we know it is a life of yeah alright so how did they how did they put the poison this to begin. how did they put a drop and know if someone else is making your super. surreptitious you could reach over maybe dip your finger and I was hoping for it to be dramatic like you touch your face you then dip your finger so I don't know that it necessarily need to come from make up but when I first read the story I thought oh wow was hoping you could put on topically and it's old which is the one that she can they would die from that sort of a you know yeah yeah but not I know wasn't like that it was actually just something she had a make up factory but people because women had especially women her social class had to make up you without you would buy it from her ostensibly you're going to get back what's your gift with purchase and it turns out you're going to get a divorce a good program okay I got that are coming up on the candy my can talk show our rents control is it gonna come sure into our our region.

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