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Was right at the line of scrimmage. So we'll see which way it's gotta go. Gotta hold against Oregon. Holding office number eighty seven ten yard penalty reprieve. I Al Jaber Dell was carrying the ball. And Ryan bay out of a tinkered, Oregon. Where's the Tigers? His guilt guilty of the penalty. Six and a half minutes to go third quarter. Now, you have to remember that Krista Vall was an offensive lineman is no line coach by offensive lineman know that when you can pound the rock, and you can run the ball. It's demoralizing to a team. You're starting to see that from here person twenty. They've got a sweep around the right side. But it will not go back to the original line of scrimmage while walk again being carried by Verdel. They go quick way without a huddle getting out to the maybe the thirty yard line. They will still have second in about sixteen. Weaver makes another stop and is usually call his name of a lot at any cow game. He's just all over the football. I mean, he's proven to me. He's an ex level guy. He's the guy that can play on Sundays when he's done here. He can cover. He can get into in the backfield the downhill tackler, he's just a good linebacker, Phil Mitchell. Having a great season already as a receiver out to the right half goes to the right sideline. It is caught at the forty five and they get out to the forty eight yard line ball is caught by schooler his first catch the night. He's from Dana point, California. Visit Bill and he's tackled by Cameron bynum. What it's another set of down for the nineteen yard game and bynum actually trip on the play. I didn't see what happened, but he was picking himself back up had to make a tackle. So I think he didn't win schooler gut. They tangled feet or buying them. Just stepped and went down but school was wide open that flat earth at ten forty eight yard line. All big Rodney over left tackle. They get a lot of yards down to the forty four yard line of California. They're opening some holes right now. Travis die carrying the ball can makes to stop after the damage was done there. All the way get an eight yard gain. They got a second. And to there at the forty four yard line of the bears. Four fifty to go third quarter thirty five to seventeen. A big play at the end of the first half. After a play fake to throw throw away down the left sideline has the receiver guest over the head of the intended receiver.

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