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Kabc news is live and local at twelve noon i'm geoff whittle president donald trump's soninlaw jared kushner met with the senate intelligence committee investigators behind closed doors this morning to answer questions about his contacts with russian during last year's presidential campaign after her word kushner said he told the committee staff everything he knows about his meetings with a russian lawyer and others since the first questions were raised in march i have been consistent in saying that i was eager to share any information i have with the investigating bodies and i've done so today our earlier this morning kushner rebuilding a second previously undisclosed conversation with russian ambassador sergei kislyak last year kushner will answer questions from house intelligence committee staff members tomorrow a domestic violence suspect is barricaded inside a home or apartment in a zoo said near the intersection of ninth and alameda and the two small children inside have just been released the suspect was holding an 11yearold girl and a sixteen month old boy now a woman had called 911 around six thirty this morning to say she was the victim of domestic violence and the suspect was inside the abroad residents with those kids the woman now in the hospital she is the mother of both children and police have confirmed that the suspect is their father police say they have a history of encounters with this man but do not know yet if he's armed meanwhile of burglary suspect is believed to be barricaded inside a house and the ten thousand one hundred block of two luca lake avenue into luca lake anna swat team has been sent to the location according to lapd meanwhile a man and a woman in a white mercedes of arrived at the la pds mission hills station that happened that less than an hour ago they claim to be the parents of the two year old boy found walking alone near van is boulevard and whitman avenue and northfields around 6 o'clock this morning the boys hispanic doesn't speak english police now questioning the couple it's not clear yet if they'll release to the.

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