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On W T O P. President elect Joe Biden has spent recent weeks announcing nominees for his Cabinet and other prominent positions. But what happens of Senate Republicans refused to confirm these people or even hold hearings for them. Axios Who's reporting some GOP members are unwilling to commit to confirmation hearings and votes while election challenges from President Trump continue to play out. Axios congressional reporter Elena Train broke the story and joins us a little earlier on Skype to explain what's going on. There's not as much interest as we've seen in the past, and I think it's not that much of a surprise just given How polarizing politics has become in these processes have become in the past several years. I've been on the hill for the past few days and over the past several weeks talking with different senators, particularly those Republicans, who matter about how quickly they want to get this done, and one big thing that is typical when a new president takes office is having these confirmation hearings for their nominees prior to the inauguration, so that once Ah president takes office he can formally Nominate them, get the paperwork in and get them into their roles as quickly as possible. Some Republican senators are saying they don't think that they should hold any of these hearings or even commit to confirm some of these nominees before the inauguration, even if some of the legal challenges that we're seeing the president and his team put forth continue now, of course, A lot of people are saying won't that be over soon? The electoral college votes on Monday, Congress is expected to certify The electoral college votes in January. But not a lot of Republicans are willing to say that this will be over anytime soon. And so I think if that drags out, it could potentially be a problem here. Worst case scenario from the Democratic perspective that Joe Biden is in office January 20th without his team ready to go on day one. That is the worst case scenario. I mean, well, it could even be worse not just day one. But even some days or weeks into his administration. Most people say, you know, that's unlikely. No one wants a president in place that doesn't have Have a team in place to help him tackle the biggest issues that, of course, ah, company a presidency. But that would I'd say is the worst case scenario. Now we'll see if this ends up happening. I think one thing that a lot of senators Republicans included to continue to bring up is that this is not the time to have these battles were in the middle of a pandemic. It is important more than ever to make sure that Joe Biden has his team around him. Who can support him to get these important things done. So I think only time will tell it once we get to join you. But it could be a battle on January 5th. The Georgia Senate run offs take place and that could really change all of this. The Senate majority does hang in the balance. With those two seats of both Democrats winning those races. It will be a 50 50 split in the Senate and Kamila Harris, who will end up being the vice president could make that tie in favor of the Democrats. And so we wouldn't see is much of an issue here. The other problem about the Georgia Senate races is that because they're January stiff, they knew committee chairman and committee Staff will not be announced or put in place until after that timeline, which only leaves just a few days to get some of these hearings rolling before the inauguration on January 20th so short timeline to do a lot of this important work. Axios reporter Elena Train on Skype tonight as President Trump continues his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. More Republicans are adding their names to a lawsuit against four states that President elect Biden won. Today. 106 House Republicans signed a court filing, which encourages the U. S. Supreme Court to hear arguments in the lawsuit filed by Texas is Republican attorney general. The suit seeks to throw out millions upon millions of votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. All 50 states have certified their election results. Attorney General Bill Bar has said there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. About to get underway with Thursday night football and one of our area's largest school district says it will soon go back to distance learning that's all ahead for you tonight. Super.

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