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Feeling a little uneasy at all the power you feel in the building in in this room but you manage to fall asleep until you're woken up by a rafting at the door allow tapping that sounds purposeful and demanding when you go to open the door there's no one there but when you close the door and turned around you see a figure apollo publican shadow banning by the fireplace it doesn't look at you but fans looking pensive sad so sad before you even have the witness to say anything you're racist had gives you one look at a slight not a horse dating like wow seems very lincoln niche yeah written in the voice of lincoln amalgam a bunch of different stories that people how so sure yeah well i guess we should do this debate thing i do have to say we have a lot of evidence to cover so we should just hop right in in doing it let's do it a lot is truly a lot of it yes okay so first i wanna talk about a few sightings by first lady okay yes so grace coolidge is one of the first lady that said in a series of american magazine articles that she wrote herself 'em she confessed to a one scene do image of president lincoln standing by a window in what had been his office and then now what is this call the lincoln bedroom furniture bedroom 'em his momentary manifestation mrs coleridge requoted further hatch coolidge sorry had him look looking out over a the out the window at virginia in the distant looking across the potomac river to the battlefield but she would do yes in life you would so yeah that's a it's really interesting story in i know shoe is one of the first people that spotted abraham lincoln's goes yes i've i've read a lot about grace coolidge in something that i found interesting is that a she had a lot of guests come to the white house and she would oftentimes oftentimes have them stay in the lincoln bedroom in each one of them before they would turn in that night she made sure to tell them her story of seeing abraham lincoln so i i think it's something greece coolidge made up or she was more imaginative in her telling of the story in bypassing his information on you meet other people feel the need to see something or that they weren't as special as these other cast oh interesting yeah so that's i just know if i saw lincoln i tell everybody but right before they go to sleep in the same room men right you gotta give everybody opportunity i just think teams all these other evidence then it comes after even after you know grace coolidge a had had passed people heard of these stories people read her accounts in especially if you're gonna sleep in the lincoln bedroom you wanna know the history of this room history of you know the room that's named after great man although in his day they call at the lincoln bedroom there's no it's not is it wasn't about german there well there's another first lady okay a none other than these great my favorite eleanor roosevelt yes this amazing amazing woman 'em she actually worked in that room it was still a study at that point 'em an she would a or i'm sorry it was just to the west of that shows right right next to the bedroom 'em but anyways she she said she never saw the goes but she felt lincoln's present okay a well you're in any house that is how some of the some are greatest leaders not all but some of our greatest leaders 'em you know i i think it's very common feel the presence of great men and women in a place like the white house i mean you see pictures of them all over the place there's there's items from them you know they have some of lincoln's furniture that he had brought in and stuff 'em you know so it's i i think it's very common do feel that kind of a president's if you stop for even a second to ponder all the history that took place there i mean jeez that so much but i don't believe that it's his ghost as i believe leave it's just overwhelming feeling of history is the president's well she didn't seem to feel any other president has a she definitely said she felt like well i mean lincoln was one of the greatest president's that we ever had you know a somewhat some would argue greater then george washington even yeah some some i don't know if everyone would by now at their target you definitely better than andrew jackson i'm just gonna say that but it wow out there so we do are andrew jackson up 'em okay so i realized they kind of flip fluffy order a little bit so that but i want to talk about ladybird johnson and she's another first lady yes okay 'em so she watched television documentary about lincoln and then she strongly sent his presence presence in the long hallway of the private quarters which branch in the west end of the quarter cities in wearing lincoln's day his office have been located so she watched documentary yeah i was just gonna say that and okay so yeah isn't that kind of ironic on i wonder if she would have fell to the president's had she not watched that documentary and been in these exact building where you know where he loved to his is dying day you know few years but still i mean i wonder if she would have felt that kind of a present it just feeling it presents doesn't necessarily mean that there's a ghost i mean you're you're in a room they were great history is taking place you're you're in you're you're amongst their relics your your there isn't it possible to feel something and not have it be that there is a spiritual connection to it i suppose it's possible just kind of interesting so many people will how do you feel about it first lady johnson's watching the documentary and then feeling the president's that i will say that one is a little shake dear to me i mean eleanor roosevelt i love and i trust and she's amazing lady so i feel a little bit more if she father's just say i mean she would not i don't think she would say that she felt the presence of she didn't really feel it this one i'm not asher about never you've never been in a spot in history where you feel the presence of that of that history now i mean i feel like i can imagine the history but no i don't like yeah like oh my gosh she's here with me or she's here with names like i don't i mean i don't know to the extent of what they felt the president's it doesn't really get into that doesn't really get into you know that they felt like his cold hand touching them or no there's not that yeah yeah so i mean just feeling the presence of it to me doesn't necessarily say go sleep but the i mean what a powerful feeling that must be to to feel that though yes very much yeah now the next couple of stories though little more little more to them okay okay so another woman but not a first lady okay go into europe okay so holland queen will amina now a road she was sleeping in the lincoln bedroom or maybe i don't know she was sleeping in the white house she heard a knock it woke her up she goes to her bedroom door 'cause you think what you're saying it's someone else's house you're like oh like it at the door better answer a sees the ghost of lincoln in state okay well i mean she fainted that something right there yeah i mean that would take something it would yeah but i mean her fainting makes me wonder if there was something more medical going on with her i mean you know she could have had low blood sugar high blood pressure sure i'm not sure but it could be something medical though i mean that would make sense right something medical that would cause you to faint in to have a loose nation eighty exit that extreme well i mean extreme times called coffer extreme measures karate kid reference 'em but yeah i'm not sure but as for the knocking on the door a she might have heard something from another room i mean there are a ton of rooms the white house and here's something knocking on a neighboring room just that wouldn't be unheard of i guess i would go with that if she opened the door and didn't seem like i heard knocking went to the door nothing with their yeah okay maybe there's knocking at some other room i dunno i just to me i dunno i mean there's a lot of accounts of people in this debate were only debating some of the top evidence there's tons of evidence that people say they saw lincoln's oh yeah i mean there's so many people that have worked in the white house i mean i'm just you know this is the queen signed ever tell the queen story the queen well i wouldn't call it the queen of holland idle yeah okay well i mean if you want you're seeing glenn beck my queen not mike i made process beyond say you know what i actually all right let's move on right so this is the big story the big big one is the big one a winston churchill wins at this is the story told about winston churchill that he staying in the lincoln bedroom during world war two you is said to have hopped out of a long bath tissue is known to do he lost his long pass late at night and then he walks naked in hit the badger which also something that he was known to do in the white house yes you like to go nude in the white house on reason hey man it's been since patricia he's like i don't care what i i don't wanna see winston churchill make it but anyways anyway so he walks that's the main measure only just seeing lincoln himself leaning against the fireplace to look at each other obviously feeling a little bit of a so church shell reportedly said good evening mr president you seem to have me at a disadvantage lincoln's go supposedly smiles a little and then faded away and then church shell refused to stay not that joe ever again yeah i you know i actually heard that he didn't stay in that bedroom very often it all i heard that he would oftentimes stay in the room across the way from that bedroom but anyways but that it was very churchill like i could definitely you know i like if i closed my eyes like i could picture that encounter in that kind of makes me giggle a little bit yeah it's funny especially the vulnerabilities because you know churchill's on naked in lincoln like body louis right that that's something but on so churchill and lincoln have a lot in common actually a they both were great leaders that shape the the world 'em what a lot of people don't know about churchill is that he suffered from chronic depression is well well interesting yeah i'd just like lincoln a both of those men carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and it it must've he must have thought about this often you know both both of them must have thought about what they're doing is they're making the right choices for their people not just for themselves but for their people that's really powerful 'em so many live were in their hands a the burden of this had to be so great in this did add to his depression churches depression although you know some people say that churchill actually 'em you know was was energized by the idea of the war but 'em during during the wars a churchill still lost twenty pounds so yeah i think he was overcome with stresses during this time a which is well documented by his 'em by his doctor although is coated in a there is journals that he had captain is coated in they kinda deciphered that to be his depression gotcha who's called like the black dog or something oh hey yeah there's a long history with that i don't wanna get into that right now 'em so churchill also suffered a heart attack while at the white house well i know if you knew that i did not yeah so he it was minor but he but he suffered a heart attack churchill was also known to self medicate medicate himself from his depression well a lot of people that they'll do yeah and his way of self medicating was drinking a lot so this is what i fear more the linking the lincoln citing was is shirt shown a drunken stupor you know but i would like to bring up another thing now that i don't know if you've addressed or if you've thought about but also to this is the same exact story that churchill said about the very living roosevelt at that time he said that he caught him naked and he said the exact same words to.

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