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Feinstein giving a public talk on what he calls the shadow world of the global arms trade as part of you be sees wall exchange series the event took place in vancouver last november after the talk andrew feinstein took questions from the audience you've talked long arms chain as a very general concept i was wondering if you can say eleven more about how nuclear weapons play of heart in why you've seen what you've research and also briefed second question because my research is going into that very area very much i was wondering if you can give me a heads up about what sort of emotional toll this can take on a researcher let me make the caveat that i don't research the nuclear trade and i'm not an expert in it by any means and having written a book with almost three thousand foot nights i'm very loath to say anything publicly about something that i haven't researched quite comprehensively but a lot of the characteristics of the global trade in weapons and i've been talking about conventional weapons apply as much to the nuclear trade with the one different so the two differences actually that the nuclear trade if anything is even more opaque than the conventional trade and secondly that i mean quite obviously the consequences of the nuclear trade also so much more devastating than the consequences of of the conventional trade but i would say that they're both deeply corrupt there was a story that if we have the time i would i would tell you from the book about a nuclear transaction that end to draw the tragically for everyone involved but bottom the perpetuation of the myth of nuclear deterrence in the buildup of nuclear weapons in the world is a consequence of the same lack of political will that has resulted in the unregulated incomprehensible nature of the trade in conventional arms if we have in terms of the.

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