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It was too easy. man you nail that. I am the regulations you're gonna take call on this their suit what's your jacket size mark. everyone mark you still with me other year mark what what's your jacket size. fifty to sixty two I'm a big man you're a Big Boy what's your waist size. while a size forty two forty two mark played for the bears wow man I hope they have it in your size. they don't we sense a bit overalls your wife remarried. absolutely okay Mabel since a bit overalls over there. all right. do the bears went on Sunday by the way the Packers lost tonight. yeah Aaron Rodgers intercepted in the end zone with like twelve seconds left. it was a wonderful day you know what my wife's a Packer fan when we left we were arguing. it's gonna be a first place there at the break I'm sorry there's going to be in first and look at this back there you go we will will be tied with the Packers have we can hold our own on Sunday against the Vikings. three twenty five start mark can you tell I'm excited. all right all right buddy hold on the line okay all right thank grab his information I don't think they get fifty to check in that's. yes can a big. yeah fifty two there is one big boy on the Amiga bread right here Hey Brad. yes Sir let me give you some more questions we Lunel nineties pizza to get away. and test it. okay. I like it bears who's a who's talking in the background what's going on there. hold on sorry about that Sir that's all right who do the Chicago Bears drafting the first round and number eighteen overall in the eighty three NFL college draft was it Willie Gault Todd Blackledge Bennie blades are Randall McDaniel. really cool Willie Gault is absolutely correct that is right. Willie Gault hold on you're not going to win with just one. which university hosted the Chicago Bears home games in two thousand two. was it the university of Illinois university of Chicago ball state or northwestern. university of Illinois university Illinois is correct. remember them I was just as in ticket holder and we didn't go to one game in Champaign was going to drive down the champagne from Chicago to see the bears they were a mediocre team that but if you only season ticket holder you had to pay your money. you don't want to lose you season tickets. right and then when the bears came back they said Hey we got a new stadium by the way yet to pay this this thing it's called the PSL on your seat if you want to keep your tickets and you gotta cough up fifteen hundred Bucks a seat. a personal seat licenses wow came up with that idea. punish the people who were legacy ticket holders I know it didn't seem fair I understand if what we already had tickets in the old stadium why did we have to pay the PSL a new stadium. yeah I forgot all about that that was you know eighteen years ago and I'm still upset about it yeah yeah let me give you one more what uniform number did Chicago great Dan Hampton where was it twenty three thirty four ninety nine or seventy three take your time. ninety nine of course it was.

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