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Book when I was in high school all of us did I found the book to be powerful and and really interesting so we get a city boy or girl Chicago and it's it's sort of stretched might can my party to that's another story but I didn't see the movies when it came along as a script I read it I felt good it it says there was there was a powerful potential in if I knew that it was going to be C. G. R. I knew that the dogs were not going to be available on that day but the one thing I wanted to develop further was the history of John thorn because in the book you see is doing suspects smack in a you know he's the machinery of god at work he arrives just in time to save doctor we don't know where it comes from his only utility is to attend to the to the book story but I thought it would be more emotionally powerful to develop the context in which each character let the other kids their destiny as it were and so we explored options for it for the story for John Thornton and came up with the character that's that's in the film I thought that that was really interesting exercise for me professionally to get in involved with this story and to to work on keeping a character and yeah always.

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