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I I feel a little bit out of my element here because I purposely not follow Cardi's personal life as closely as a lot of people have same. I just want to enjoy the good parts fun. And I think. In a way in a kind of unhealthy way. A lot of people have tried to make her a intersectional feminist icon in a way that she's not purposely saw out for herself. Correct. He's just a human being sometimes she says, some you agree with sometimes says, some pretty wo- sometimes you're going to do things that are gonna show you why she was a reality star in the first place, and there's a lot of Cates. Riccardi whenever she fucks up, which I'm I'm fine with I think people actually need more capes think this whole movement towards people fuck up and we had to like rod on them. And and like be discussed it in and save everything they've ever done. I think that's not healthy or realistic. And that's one of the reason people get tired and let people be fucked up without say anything because people go too far. But it's also led to people be so protective that is. I think it's just not healthy not not fair. Right. So she's become this avatar of for a lot of people. And I think a lot of people actually in our age grew older people are looking at this twenty four twenty five year old and putting our like thirty five forty year old like this what I would do on it maybe because of our I owned like lives and stuff but throughout her entire career. I've found so many people kind of advocating for her and some weird ways that. You know, just don't jive with the other day talk about, you know, and and we'll say I'm cool with that. I think people need to be a lot more relaxed. So she got married is, you know, she dated one of the migos offset for so long like a longtime or years of it was all public share. You know, you know, dating he proposed. She was on stage all that type of stuff. So and Cardi cardia such a personal person. Because she got on the reality TV. So she's been sharing her life with people from for most of us from the way, we know her. She got on Instagram I v v h one and so people are doing ally. I don't understand why people notice or why why matters because that's what she did to get on. Like, that's not that you don't turn off the faucet when you do this. You know, if something happens between me and Karen guy forbid. Motherfuckers going to be talking about it. So so I is know this part of the that's part of the game. And I don't we don't give all our fucking life. But still it's it's it's enough where people to associate us together. So that if something were to happen. They were absolutely be like, you know, talking and giving opinions and all that shit. So she came on and reality shows are basically kind of giving people inside your life. I think people have forgotten because she kind of watched into this pop star thing and people went, okay? Well that other never happened. It was like well Cardi was a woman that was a home wrecker. She was the woman who was dating a dude that was imprisoned for most of the time..

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