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Even this this game that people are talking about with so agreed would not rank in the top fifty of fucking John McEnroe ranch. It's not even close. But yeah, I think one of the things that just did not come into play for a lot of people that or they just refuse view it this way. Because as far as concern, it's like, what is. It's just this one situation where does ref, but to me, this is rain a colony, her marker. She's like, look, I'm thirty six or whatever. I've endured over twenty years of you guys being this way. I'm playing as the favorite in my own country. The US open. I'm I'm calling in my market to say y'all going to stop doing this shit. Y'all gonna treat me the way to child supposed to treat somebody in my position and there's a lot of reasons. The child don't partially being that I am a black woman from competent regardless of me being the best. Y'all won't see me that way. And I think that's a big part of it. And even with the unpire being a quick trigger empire and all that type of shit, this still to me, his reaction was basically you're not gonna talk to me like this as a black woman. I can't prove that not. Can prove it. But yeah, that's how fill in. You know, I think I don't think I'm alone. I think a lot of people felt that he said that I'm not taking this shit off this black woman and maybe to some people, they're able to look at it and go note that had nothing to do with it. I can't even understand why that will come up and for me, I can't not see it. And if people wanna disagree, I have a problem with me saying that into bad. You know, like we just disagree that and this rep is the fucking problem. Men have said I, you won't rip ame- because you're fucking table of facial. Nobody didn't get together and boycott nigger that didn't get together and say, but we're not gonna rip your games. Did they know what are we talking about here? Right. And even in that response feels very much like but see this proves arenas point. 'cause y'all want to unionize behind, y'all know, boycott her matches behind this shit, y'all. And y'all really want to boycott not because of what she did. But because people said she got a point, that's why I want to boycott as she brought she it into the sexism tournament, you know, and and luckily for them, she's great. Well enough to be like, I'm gonna keep it to sexism because she could be like an racism. 'cause there's white women. They could have gone up there and said that she didn't. He wouldn't call that fucking penalty. So anyway, that's how I felt. But this is the problem with racism, sexism oughta 'isms if you can't prove it like you almost got a cash, the do being like Serena, you bitch, and then then it's like, okay, yes, that's definitely something he said to her because she's a woman for some people still wouldn't be right, but I'm just saying more people would be like, okay, we caught him if he would say marina you. Nigger, a lot of people would have been like, okay, before I didn't really have nothing to say. Now do got something to say that's kind of how this is to me. Whereas like, you know what? He's gonna get away with this because he has plausible deniability. You can't prove he did this because he was like a no black woman talking to me like this, you can't prove it. So that's what we get. Anyway, right? You may, but but anyway, my main point being I don't even care if she was angry ranting and all that shit. I'm not going to argue semantics about it so she should have that right. It shouldn't cost fucking game. What I don't understand why we can't have both LeBron James cousins out. So mind enough NBA I've never seen get kicked out of the game because LeBron James fucking Draymond would do that shit. He he get a jet, like leaving the judges because it's like who to fuck you think you are talking to me like that anyway. Right? You made me no, the pe- myself. When you were reading that bridezilla story and your white woman voice, when you were raising your voice about die, I think the groom dodged the bullet. He really did. He did a mega..

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