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So you were in this belltower when it was bombed any winked at him and said no that's just hollywood it's documentary nutbag so yeah he's crazy i don't know to this day if he stole my dot i've spoken to him a couple times on the phone the only thing that i think maybe the reason that we're related is that he has this weird like savant thing about remembering historical dates like dayton moments in history and i'm the same way about people you know just celebrities reality stars people i meet in town i could see six years later and i'll still ask about the aunt that had ankle surgery and how you did on your l sats so i'm weird like that too that said we don't look anything alike i mean he's got well he had dark hair brown eyes and dark skin i looked like i was born in antarctica i have very blonde hair blue eyes and i'm very pale also he apparently told his girlfriend for years and he only had one child so what are you gonna do with that oh my mom also said he never thought i was his child because i was blonde because apparently despite all the the the research he's done in irish history and god knows what else he never looked up dna and how that works and then of course there are no pictures of me as a child so the point of the story is i've related to this kid who's probably now a young adult on teen mom and thought yeah i mean you watch any of these reality shows and we you relate to them i also think is crazy as your life gets there many of you that are sitting here right now you're walking through something really crazy and you just have to laugh at it you have to think of your life is almost like a movie and their chapters to it and that the people that are in it are sometimes bananas and you just have to laugh at it because how else can you make sense of it this week's episode i'm very excited about because she nimmo moakler has been on a bunch of reality tv shows meet the barkers was the first show she was on with her husband.

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