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Learn something. It's the sage. Larry elder larry elder here the say from south central the prince of pico union this czar of common sense the great elderski. Don't lorenzo welcome to the program. No victocrat allowed because we've got a country to save. Let's get her. Teed triple eight nine seven one s. eight g. e. triple eight nine seven one seven two four three i am larry elder. We are relieffactor dot com. You're gonna be on the hannity show with leo terell this evening near the top of the hour probably around six fifteen pm pacific time discussing the hundreds of looters and rioters have been released in new york the fact that Representative james clyburn. Who wants called voter. Id voter suppression. Now since i was always in favor of voter id and a growing number of people are beginning to blame. Democrats for the rising crime in american cities all across the country. The san francisco police. Lieutenant his name is tracy mccray had a couple of things to say about politicians for the rise of crime. Hey they still under nine hundred fifty dollars. Like i said before you get a citation right. There are no consequences to hold people accountable because excuses are what is giving out by certain politicians. In a sense. I feel like that character scar from the lion king. I'm surrounded by idiots. Because they say the most idiotic things to justify bad behavior and so chaos runs supreme. Here lieutenant i want to read the statement from target. I don't know if i've ever heard a statement like this american company. Maybe you have for more than a month. We've been experiencing a significant alarming rise in theft and security incidents that are san francisco stores similar reports from other retailers in the area with the safety of our guest team members and communities our top priority. We've temporarily reduced our operating hours.

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