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There's usually not deep drops because you don't have pass protection. So you know the ball comes out quick. They tried to get him comfortable. You know, I thought went for his first game back was solid. I wouldn't say more than that. I thought they were a few snaps here and there where he did not eliminate an isolate quickly enough which was to be expected. I thought at times has ball placement was not as precise as it needed to be all these things to me were expected. His first game back and I'm anxious to see how they continue going forward. I assume they're gonna, you know, Jeffery alshon Jeffery will be back at some point, but they're playing now to compensate foreign camouflage. The fact that they don't have a lot of wide receivers. Right? I thought he looked good. I mean, I thought he held the ball little bit at times, but that was an issue for him. I thought before that you know that at times he would hold it a little bit too long. I don't know what he was thinking on the interception. You mean the interception was actually just a poor ball placement, throw. If you watch the tape of that or was open if he put it on outside, he threw an inside. So that was it's easy to look at that and say, you know, terrible, terrible decision. It wasn't a terrible decision. It was just a terrible throat. What about on the other side? Andrew luck. There's alive statistics out there. Greg, about the lack of throwing the ball down the field. They pulled him off for the hail Mary this he look, does he look like the old Andrew luck to you? Well, through three games, he's not driving the ball down the field by design. They're not calling much of that. So my guess is they're not calling that because they probably don't feel he's ready to do that. Now we can debate whether that's good or bad. This is just what the tape shows. He did miss an easy touchdown, which might well have given the colts of victory when he made a very inaccurate throat, Eric Hebron, who is wide open on a high ridge zone, play late in the third quarter and luck left the ball. Well short, I mean, that was, and that was not a difficult throw, and that's a throw that just has to be made. So if you look at his three games, you'd say, overall, he's he's doing okay, but he's missing some things and they're not pushing the ball down the field at all, which again gets back to the point that that may well be by designed by the coaching staff because they don't feel he can do that yet. Right that. That's interesting. I don't mind the, I don't mind the hail. Mary thing. I just was curious about. You know whether or not he doesn't..

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