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So for them to give that up without it having any assurances and also to prevent the us from having potential having troops along the yahoo yellow river are all on china all of that would have been in vain unless they get some kind of strategic understanding of where they need to be and that's something that no one really wants to talk about and a half to a particularly the chinese particularly chinese if we start talking about what if there is regime change yes what will the us do that's a topic the chinese really want to know the answer to but they do not want to raise the question because they're very neurology about anyone interfering in anybody's internal affairs and they don't wanna seemed to be on the side of regime change anywhere because they figured they could very easily become the brunt of such an effort but you know i think another thing we haven't spoken of that the us could put on the table in truth put on the table is you know we forget we have an armistice for the korean war there's no treaty yeah now we could offer a final settlement of the korean war which would give pyongyang north korea kim jongun some stand yes jet msat legitimacy so that is something that is sort of long overdue china would like to see that happened that would be something i think the us could do if they get around to recognizing that the north korean regime is probably here to stay for a while that regime change is probably not in the offing and if it was it would be a mess and to try to sort of ratifies the status quo by putting some boundaries on controlling the nuclear situation and to do that with china if possible we'd have a tremendous amount of ripple effects from that and of course china would would gain enormous stature if they could to break through their normal distrust and paranoia about us intentions now they'll what we know time it does not want is the collapse of north korea i that day this is back to your point philip about'stability is that the fear that you'd have twenty million or or so impoverished hungry refugees flowing over the border do we understand that well.

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