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Were attending the party with a few friends, and unfortunately they lost their lives as a result, because three or four individuals decided to carry handguns and pull him out and shoot at a crowd of 1 to 200 people. 14 more people were injured. Rochester has been rocked by protests over Daniel Proofs. Police defecation death back in March and in Hawaii and you Corona virus law is creating confusion. Honolulu police issuing about 10,000 citations for violating a solo activity ordinance. Wayne Watanabe got one and was asked if he was upset. City Council has asked the law be reviewed. This is ABC News Evens Expressway looking good in both directions. Kennedy on the outbound side, all clear. Inbound 32 minutes. O'Hare to downtown 17 aim from the junction. No backups out on the ICQ inbound side 35 minutes from 3 92, the old post office. 23 in from Wolf Stevenson was 21 minutes out of the tri state. 30 out to 3 55 inbound 32 minutes from 3 55 Lakeshore 23 in from the Tri state. Dan Ryan is 20 minutes out to 90 50 inbound side 22 57 Slow north bound through Kanke Bishop Ford Outbound, Soft Ryan to King Drive. Inbound heavy 159 to 154th earlier crashed. Your 130th is gone. Lakeshore Drive still south of the old trick curve and through Grand Park type north bound around Soldier field through Grand Park. No delays on any of the tollway's from the wools. Am 8 90 Traffic center. I'm like priests with the next update in 30 minutes. The fact is, we're fighting liberalism. Except now it is unabashedly and probably open up the full Marxism and communism. No matter the phony, moderate.

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