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In the WTO traffic center Good evening How's it going Good evening If you're headed on 66 it looks like they have just started to put up some cones here for the work zones out in manassas centerville It looks like the only work room I'm seeing as of this very moment You're going to see them right after them and ask this rest area if you're headed eastbound on 66 just as you make your approach towards the exit for 29 in centerville looks like they're only blocking that far left lane and that's it For now that I'm seeing on 66 but keep an eye there near nutley street I got my cameras up not to worry throughout the night I 95 looks all right as well If you're leaving the district still a little bit slow as you make away from the third street tunnel across the case bridge as a Steve did mention a lot of folks leaving the game tonight so expect to see that No accident scenes no incidents just yet Let's hope to keep it that way Northbound two 95 a little slow after Pennsylvania avenue but it's when you get into Maryland that I'm a little worried It looks like an accident scene up near the capitol beltway So as of now you're going to see brake lights from about four ten up to the beltway itself Once you get past the belt where you're all up to speed no worries you can carry on to Baltimore without any issue 95 looks great and so does two 70 Route 50 is quiet as well No issues out towards Annapolis and it looks like you've got your standard traffic patterns across the bay bridge three lanes take you westbound to take you east bound For the most part beltway traffic is quiet and through a Delphi We have the earlier accident scene there on two 12 Riggs road However now they're calling it utility work more than likely that accident scene caused a little more trouble than it wanted to So watch out Sounds like all leans may be blocked but follow police direction through that area This traffic report is sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank local knowledge local decisions for more for commercial banking It's better at Burke and Herbert bank At your service since 1852 Carlos from aria's WTO traffic Not a storm team four tomorrow Theodore So tonight a few showers are still possible maybe even a few rumbles of thunder Tomorrow we've got an even higher chance at seeing thunderstorms.

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