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My it was a great. You could just get another ninety nine Miata if you will now again and you probably know it was a fun you know what I listen to. This is just something to think about when I was a little kid. My parents got me. I don't know where they thought. They saw it in a store window somewhere but it was. Someone had hollowed out like a corvette racing car and put Abed in it. I think when you have kids I think the first kid you should just hollow out the little crib you know then you both get something out of it but then I would just be sad that it wasn't the one that I know but that's that's your babies Miata like diktats stare dream different. He's got a little activity center. They can hog the Harn. I think it's a great idea about recycling. It was British racing green. Oh that's a good color. It was. Yeah that's I don't think I've ever seen a British racing. Green red. Now is a really Nice Patricia with a Tan Interior. You're winning me over. Now is Great Tom. I can't thank you enough for coming to do the PODCAST. You've always been so delightful and you've suffered through a lot of Jesus jokes on talking it every retired made when I'm like I'm not GonNa do it again. I do it and I go goddamn Tom Paine. He's real patients. 'cause they play. Well that's why. But I. I appreciate it you on the show and I'm just so happy that you're doing all this new stuff. And congratulations on. Please tell Jackson. Hello I will actually at one of those wonderful events Omega. Isn't this natural. How comfortable this I still? I still don't know how to pose and smoke a a million of them and I still yesterday. I had stylus put the clothes on me. And this is how you should stand and then Jen came with me and just before he recovers like. I don't know how to stand down with John and things like I don't know which side is. My wife is very page circus. I always instinctively picked the wrong side to stand on Jason. Like whatever her outfit. Oh she pushes gemstones. She knows she rush me. But he's always like no the purchase on this side. And she'll scooby over okay. I don't know what I'm doing and then you're just going to have to but thankfully she's she's just looking Lydia gender-specific took amazing say that everyone's looking at them anyway so it doesn't mean that's exactly. Yeah 'cause usually the doctors will go. Can we get a fashion shot at a solo shot. And I'm like yeah I don't know why you WanNa photograph me anyway. The first place like I'm shocked that any of these of course but thank you for sharing a lot. There is some good wisdom nuggets here on this podcast pain bitter rambling. Yeah no listen you have to know to American ears. You could read steer people be like it's enchanting you're you're automatically enchanting to our course wonderful jr still get l'americain on prodigal son does well. We people's choice last night. He loves the feedback is like Oh my God. I co- Copa Levi's British thing. Now people got really excited about it so funny. Well maybe you could just start mixing up your accent. The next time you present the regular today award goes. Where's this guy brains explode? He's a chameleon man. No one knows all right. Watch prodigal son. Yeah looks is this. This is Fox Fox on Monday taxes on Fox Tom Paine. Would you say our guest Bush she looked I D Ten d scanning complete enjoy overeat..

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