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Wow yeah loud drip water player for rail madrid and barcelona. Don't you know one of the one of the few. He's attack minded but not afraid to help out defensively as well Only sergio boost completed more tackles for barcelona midfielders and we're talking about an eighteen year old. That's that's eight beyond his years for stats like that and did you know. Jj also he's he's one of three players eighteen or younger in europe's top five leagues with ten plus goal involvements in all competitions this season flurry and birt's was one with fifteen and the other one was i. Don't tell me young geo raina. Yeah anytime you're comparing a guy gio raina then you know there's something there but here's now i had to put this nj classic danny from this european championships worry. He did play three thousand five hundred twenty nine minutes. This season across all competitions most of any teenager in europe's top five leagues. I hope those eighteen year old legs are ready for a big tournament. Well his his aiding dragging down the spanish average nicely so they sit in around twenty six years of age as the team average age. Twenty eight hundred minutes. It's in the third percentile area. It's below england. It's below germany france. Portugal you've studied this graph. I picture you with like goggles on and beakers around you and bunsen burners going. And i really do think it matters. I really think it matters so I don't know it sounds like just a lot of numbers and i you know i don't. I don't deal really in math. okay. I'll do it simple for andrew. Some of the occurs might be tired. Oh now it makes sense alright. Jj darkhorse from this group. Who do you think i know. We just talked about eleven dusky and poland equally levin doc- but they have some really good experienced players creko via click from leeds. United bednarik from so them. Ten zilenski a creative force. You're gonna need him to be on fire for poland to prosper there a better site than we're probably giving them credit for this in this Grew preview but Yeah they could do something Yeah i i kind of said sweden. Even though i don't know their performance at the last world cup maybe takes out of the category of being a dark horse. But i don't know. I i still put them. They've done well against high level competition lately. Which i think bodes well for a major tournament. Other manager yanni anderson recently said this. He said we've been playing against some of the best teams in. The world is past year spain france. Croatia and portugal. I think played good. Gains learned a lot from this experience. We know that we have performance At the top level hopefully we can use what we have learned to be a better and sharper team in the upcoming euros. I think that's a good thing To play in the build up to a tournament to play great teams so they won't be afraid. They did well at the last tournament and i give him a good shot here. And maybe alexander isaac twenty international caps six goals and seventy goals in the league of for real sociedad. Maybe he can emerge into the mantel that has been left by that any brnovich and and make an inference until i see his minutes played versus a to that. I'm not really sure finally. Jj is team in this group that you give no shot. I don't give shot to slovakia reliant on handshake Greg minnesota united will be there. Dubrovka zookeeper but sam the most. They can hope to do as dense sweden. And if they can do that. Maybe the maybe the chance. Well an eight-match unbeaten streak. Yeah and you talked about their road in you. Know extra time against or penalties against ireland. Extra time it gets northern ireland. So they know they know how to ground out. Tough wins in high pressure situations. I don't know. I would say know what no that wasn't. It was twenty sixteen euro qualifying when they beat spain. Who they'll see in this group. So you know what i i would say no. There's not a team this that give shot. It wouldn't stunned me if slovakia wound up as one of the top four third-place teams. Okay fair all right. The wheel gan spin. Oh a classic top of the charts. Jj we used to do this in our world cup group previews for every single nation. We would play for you as our intro into talking about that. That side for our group previews we play the number one song currently from that country and so we've landed on that for the wheel now. I don't have all the countries here. I have spain ready for spain. This is toto not by rahula. Here we go go. Don't us on what we think. I like it. I like it too. He's like.

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