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Judge decided the two young Americans will remain in detention in a room prison CBS news correspondent Seth Doane police say the young men were ready to leave Italy the same day a funeral for the officer will be held Monday at the church where he was married just forty three days ago under Italian law anyone participating in the killing but who didn't actually carry out the slaying itself wrist being charged with murder judicial sources in Italy named the students is Finnigan elder and Gabriel atau here on earth both from San Francisco I'm Sam lets sing retired Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz back at home after spending several weeks in a hospital and having three surgeries reporter Dan Roach says his many fans have been anxious to hear about is conditioned initial shock of David Ortiz being shot in his native Dominican Republic took time to adjust to then we kept wondering how David was in when he would be out of the hospital we found out today that yesterday was the day that that David finally got to go home police say or tease was shot by a local hit man it was a case of mistaken identity thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five here's Lauren occurs as the working on the secular to ten downtown LA one ten south bound just at the one oh one there is a car that tangle with the pedestrians that's blocking the two right lanes now C. H. P. is there they have taken the pedestrian away to the hospital but it's still causing a back up off the stadium way Sherman oaks one on one westbound before the four or five days a crash they reported to be blocking the third lane from the left that's causing a backup from van Nuys Boulevard as they wait for tow truck since each pay to get there Hollywood self down of the one a one very happy right coming off of Hollywood Boulevard all the way down into the downtown LA area and silver like five cell phone for the two there's a car there a content in the fast lane right now it's got a backup from Los felis Boulevard because the metaphor of a south bound at the Bristol offramp there's a car there that stalled out the middle lane it is because a little bit of a back of each P. just ran a break though on that one and now that one has been cleared over to the right shoulder so it's going to open up for you pretty quickly there Lancaster fourteen north founded Avenue G. watch out for a brush fire it's over the right shoulder fire department on the way and promoted to ten eastern before Kelloggs solar car crash there the car ran into the hillside and they do have emergency crews there next report at eleven forty five I'm Laurin Nickerson with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio if you like the temperatures today you're gonna like them tomorrow because it's going to be warmer than normal okay downright hot that's what it's going to be almost a hundred degrees in the valleys as well as the Inland Empire hundred and seven in the desert if you're gonna be headed to the beach it's going to be in the seventies downtown areas in the upper eighties it's going to be a little bit more a little bit cooler I should say on Monday not quite as hot now will last through the week more near exclusive five day forecast at eleven.

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