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We can help our communities and our homeowners and even renters who have lost I property in the store get back on their feet. Thank you, sir. Thank you, very much anybody. He broke through statements. Congressman first of all let me thank you for being here. You have a great heart for the American people. That's one of the things I like so much about you. And it just really means a lot for you to be here at this particular time, we have a lot of folks that are really really hurting. And I've got a couple of the points. I wanna make. But before I forget, though, I wanna thank rock long and his team I've been with him the past several days, they're doing incredible work. I everybody around this is just doing a lot of collaborative great work together. Your Admiral here coast guard, I walked in the airport already you airport the other day salt doctors, and nurses that were stranded trying to find a way back to new Annika regional medical center, and this guy here, let's get it clear to get them on that C one thirty and take them to airport, and I don't think I've ever seen a CEO of a hospital. That was happier. Then that our CEO of New Hanover regional the other day. So you're. Hatred disaster areas. And so I think rebuilding this infrastructure is going to be critically critically. Important course housing is is number one agriculture in my district huge component of the state eighty seven billion dollar industry. I see Steve Troxler here in the audience. Our Commissioner of agriculture, a we gotta have more than just a new farm Bill. We gotta have a real disaster package show for agriculture as well. And then our beach communities are beaches are inlets, and our waterways are a key component of the infrastructure in this country is vital to tourism in my district as you know. And of course, I I know you're quite familiar with rights will beach in Wilmington in that area in Brunswick county, Pender county, all of these counties, I need a tremendous amount of help. And I just thank you. And appreciate you being here increase. Call the work of your entire team. Not only now. But as we move into the future. Mr president. My name is Woody wide. And now represent that two hundred twenty thousand citizens of New Hampshire county, I want to thank you for coming here. I like to echoed comments. That were very Abe. We made by David and the others around the table. Now, what's been done and also want to share with you, the hope and optimism that our people have about the economy that you created about the people that you put back to work because all these next two or three or four phases of the Copley are better because of the preparation the economy that you have created we appreciate it. I have been out in our community since this storm four again in every day since it's off was here. And folks are. Cutting rates putting power lines up fading their neighbors love in each other caring for each other. And they had incredible hook up optimism in the future tells me something that you brought the administrative small business association here today. It's you're thinking about the future too. I am the small business and they're the lifeblood of our economy in handicapped, and we thank you for being here. And for your leadership is really nice. I appreciate it. Very much economy. Is fortunately doing really well. I would say maybe the best economy our country has ever had. So that's importance and they want to get everybody back to work. So they can take your because this area has been very badly damaged, but it we'll get it up and working governor very have. No doubt about it. Anybody else anybody? Yes. Mr president. Hi, I'm Jerry Jones, mayor of morehead city and the stone behalf of a grateful community and not just lot more head on my coastal North Carolina. Your presence here today means a whole lot to all of us. It means, you know, we're we're not left stranded alone on this island as the federal government's here helping us along with the state government and many many local governments and being a mayor of a small town and having to be in. The boots on the ground and walk in the food lines with like a stitch went and not just like other people from from outside the county on just building something that you said earlier about community pride spirit of community spirit is in from what I've witnessed his is this ever banned. It is. It is not an and what I've learned also that communities aren't just in neighborhoods or not just Intel to state come out a national community. People have come from all over the nation to come to Carter county to to assist us. And and just on my way up here. I had three phone calls from people throughout the state. They wanted to bring provisions down to Carter county, and handsome helping organize that. And when I walked through the lines of of of the people, and and I have to say this my first experience, I've never stood in line before to get a drink of water or a meal or families or anyway, the people. Yeah, when I asked him, I I. Question to them is is his are you? Are you saying and I said, yeah, we're we're we're we're safe. However, my neighbor, you know, they lost everything they had, you know, my house is under water and my response to them. Always is. Yes. But at least we are here today talking about it. And and they always just get praised to God. When when is mentioned and s I know we'll get through this together as baby steps as we all mentioned on. Although it happened overnight. The rebuilding is not gonna be overnight. But from the state local federal level will make it happen. And again, the just the presence of everybody around this table coming lot to everybody affected the hurricane Florence. Thank you. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Mr President martinsville chairman, the Carter county commissioners, and I wanna thank you and your team for coming down. Governor Cooper, Senator Tillis Senator Byrd. Mother of the. Especially like thing. Came down there hurricane. Visit this person. Things are still darn county over half for whole counties without our on real obviously have had the river and creek flooding storm surge flooding Wilson, Stacey they had probably full of water. These people have been displaced, we are really shield for neighbors are sheltering on helpless shelter. Big thing is public safety. We haven't had trash pickup since the Wednesday before the storm cut and run with getting back into the now for health reasons, we need to make sure that we get all of you guys help expedite the boots on the ground. I mean, I'm the protocols and procedures. Got manuals. But as I look around, I see Forcier anybody who's done training train one thing beating the FOX with the bullets combine your head or completely different. And we hope we will have all your continued support help our boots on the ground Zulfiqar resources help people. County and the surrounding counties needs to thank I'll name appreciate what you're doing. And we're probably be asking. Thank you very much. Appreciate. Please. Thank you semi Trevino here for coming North Carolina historic for Duke Energy has also a story partnership. So I'm pleased to report that we've restored a million and a half citizens for power. We had one hundred and fifty thousand ago, and we will not leave until power is restored opportunity to work with so many around the table that made possible with the government hasn't ministration with registration area with the federal agencies secretary Nielsen undersecretary Pratt's, not only the planning that the resources necessary to restore power on the scale. So we thank you for the leadership in the partnership. It's possible and we're anxious to get one hundred fifty thousand more citizens. Thank you very much and is lake Norman that area. How is that? Doing good doing good. I love that area. Just I can't tell you why. But I love that area. Thanks. I didn't really terrific Mr President, President secretary Mattis gave it's very clear direction from the department of defense to make sure that we anticipate every need that the states could have we can help the citizen the governor Cougars team. Here was phenomenal to help us understand. What exactly those needs? We're going to be. So we could Pri posture and be ready for immediate response. So hats off the governor Cooper in the broader team here in North Carolina. And also at team of rock one was able to to help us coordinate that federal response that was seamlessly tied into the state and local efforts. And I'd like to highlight Mr President that there were twenty eight different states that have contributed to the national guard through the IMAX that that the the compacts they have with the state of North Carolina between North Carolina, South Carolina. And that just shows the strength of the national guard wellness present, thank you. Okay. Thank you very much. Let's get back to work. The president's first stop on his.

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