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ABC's Amy Robach live on camera saying she Tom out Virginia Roberts who was one Jeffrey abstains victims she told me everything she had pictures she had everything she was in hiding for twelve years we convinced her to come out it was unbelievable what we had we had Clinton talking about Bill Clinton we had every thing that's a Miro back talking washy sitting on the set but the microphones our often the cameras off or so she thinks it it is due to project veritas for exposing this video there is a role especially in modern America for things like project veritas there several others who are doing good work and I and I want to take a moment to explain why it's important and why it's worth your time an effort and money to support him even with small amounts of money let's take TMZ for a moment TMZ is a website an organization dedicated to fighting entertainment news to a committed core audience and then a wider audience that'll say did TMZ had some story that may not be on there every day in TMZ's model is it started as will go out and get the stories you know is are Kanye and Kim really married let's go out and we think they got married let's go out and find video footage or you know whatever else but what happens over a period of time is that they be calm a source where people naturally take those stories there was a time when the national Enquirer in addition to telling stories about you know baby born with pterodactyl head or you know three headed monster born in farm on farm in Kansas the national Enquirer would also break big stories they broke the Tiger Woods story I mean I don't know how any of us are better off because they exposed the fact that that tiger head you know women on the side somehow that was but I guess they they benefited personally from it and a lot of people got to clock in a lot of people who could never play golf as well as tiger could then say yeah he's terrible kick him out of the tour because I guess they were watching him play golf because they thought he was a good husband out I will never quite understand that one but national Enquirer was a place that people would take stories and I would tell you that is what wine steam used to his advantage his lawyers and his strategic team went to Packer the owner of national Enquirer and one of the things that Packer was doing was this catch and kill is what Ronan Farrow is written about and they would go to somebody like rose McGowan and say Hey we hear you got to goods on Harvey Weinstein and he did a terrible thing to you and she'd say well look we'll pay you for the story but we have to get the exclusive can't give it to anybody else okay here's our contract okay all right here's your check they would take that story they would find out everything about that story even ours is there anything we can the stores or anyone who disagrees with you is there is there anything about you we need to know they would find out all this information about her is if they're friendly media outlet turns out they were far from it in they would take her story she's prohibited by contract giving that stored anyone else they're not under contract to air it because she just she has no idea that they have no intention of printing it they've been paid not as a media outlet they've been paid almost like a private investigator to get your story and then to kill it it's catching kill they get your story they kill it they smother your story they don't air it and they won't let you give it to anyone else if they do they also you and it will put you in a real real pickle so TMZ is is one of those outlets for entertainment news right but what has ended up happening is project veritas has become a place that is rather boldly willing to take on the stories they're on unlike in B. C. that would air Ronan Farrow story about Harvey Weinstein unlike some of these major news networks that won't take on the stories they hide from when they kill the stories quite the opposite project veritas is going out to look at forum and I think what you're going to see more of is is rather than them going out and doing the undercover investigation you're gonna see them starting to receive more of them and that appears to be what happened here somebody knew they could trust James o'keefe a project veritas in they could say Hey I've got this video of this woman at ABC and and she is she is saying she had the story three years ago an ABC killed the story and James o'keefe is very good at them promoting that he is effectively ironic he is becoming sort of Harvey Weinstein of negative stories on mainstream media like it on CNN and not mainstream on on major networks CBS NBC ABC he is becoming what Harvey Weinstein was Harvey Weinstein would sit back and people would bring a movie to him it might be finished any was there are now by the movie but you're gonna have to re cut this scene and change this and I'll promoted and he would use the capital that he had built up to make this movie that you're done which would have been an also ran movie into a huge super hit it so he would because he developed that that that reputation he became someone he became a pipeline for great movies and now his deal flow was I don't have to go out make movies they bring the movie to me I put my stamp over the top of it and then I IRA distributed and I tell the writers what to say and I you know wine and dine though the press and we make this movie it we blow this movie up you look we all know that whether a song becomes a hit our movie becomes a hit or for that matter some politicians become big is not an athlete is not always because of how good they are on the merits it's whether the media gets behind it it's whether there's a groundswell behind them so I say let's say this if you got a spare but instead of giving it to some state rep candidate eight states away it might be a good idea to send a few Bucks project veritas James o'keefe is doing great work over there and I'll tell you who else is is what's Tom fitness group cello a judicial watch they're the ones going in and digging out all these documents in and do the freedom of information request and all that sort of stuff but here's a story I want to tell you the person who released that that video of Amy Robach is now at CBS news and CBS news.

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