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Three m slots of vinegars everything from white wine and champagne to red wine apple cider. Some of those are specialty. Vinegars too and good olive oil soy sauce with some kind of chili oil jerry paste. Okay very good chef. Thank you so much for being a guest then. I appreciate the time that you shared with us. Thank you my pleasure. Thank you for listening today. I hope you enjoy these episode with chef. Dan kluger if you did. Please share it with a friend article league. Please make sure to subscribe of. Follow the show on apple podcasts or spotify or any other platform way. Listen to podcasts. Find the show notes of all episodes at flavors and the that come next episode will be a cushion with three guests. Peter affair euro. The film director of her name is chef and it will be there with two off the chefs feature on his documentary chef. Elizabeth faulkner and chef juliette masters. Icu in two weeks. And until then remember that people who love to eat are always the best people enjoyed another delicious episode of flavors unknown hungry for more kids subscribe. Tell us where you're listening from by leaving a reviews and for social media and show notes had two flavors unknown dot com..

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