Casablanca, Eisenberg, Hollywood discussed on Fresh Air - Director Noah Baumbach / The Making Of 'Casablanca'


Next month marks the seventy fifth anniversary of the opening of the movie casablanca my guess no eisenberg is the author of the book will always have casablanca the life legend and after life of hollywood's most beloved movie i figure a lot of our listeners probably know the movie by heart but others may have never seen it so here's the basic story it set a 1941 during world war two the nazis have occupied france europeans fleeing them have made their way to the moroccan city of casablanca seeking temporary refuge in a way of getting safe passage to the us casablanca at that time was a french protectorate but now that the nazis have taken over france they're starting to take control of casablanca humphrey bogart place in american who runs a bar in casablanca cod rex he claims to pride himself i never taking sides one night a beautiful woman played by ingrid bergman walks into rix and realizes the owner is the same rick with whom she had a passionate affair in paris but now she's married to a check freedom fighter who is essential to the underground fighting the nazis he's a hunted man and he needs her but she still loves wreck casablanca as one of the great love stories and also a great story about knowing when it's time to take a side and risk your life for a cause the film starts with this voice over inauguration well the coming of the second world war many eyes and imprisoned europe done hopefully desperately blood the freedom lovely america's lisbon became the great i'm book asian boy but not everybody could get delays been directly from solid taught joys roundabout reputation drills sprang up harris to marseille.

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