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Here in two thousand three. What did you guys hire them in. Two thousand four was he. Was he the south carolina the next year the year after that. Next I wanna say he said a year and then we then we hired him and And and i thought he would be a tremendous. I wasn't sure how he would train into the nfl but he was a tremendous college coach and and loved working with him and You know for for lots of different ratings. Did you guys ever have conversations about your two vastly different experiences with the washington football team organization. Totally what is a great story when he came in And we brought him in pretty much. Mike mcgee and myself and steve had been on all the conversations and so we brought the then. You know it's the same thing where you're driving you fly in the plane to like four different airports. You know all this misdirection stuff to get him in and there's people still topping up the bushes and all that kind of stuff but we bring them in to give them a tour. And of course i wear my super bowl ring. He looks down he goes. Hey brad see that ring on your finger turned a little better for you than it did for me out there. Oh we you know he he he he was talking about it all the time and and Or i go into watch films sometimes with them and you know coach you ever going to block that like the fender to the playside. He said now you know. I could run the ball in the nfl. Well i mean he was minutes college go. Oh god let me just say that. The two years that he was here were so wildly entertaining. Just he wasn't cut out for to be an nfl coach. And and i look you knew him. Well obviously and i think i think the narrative on why he wasn't a pro coach. Was you know everything's so close in the nfl. It's incredibly tight and you know you don't have a significant talent advantage. You know nine games. Out of twelve because you can't recruit But i get over them. He could gain than to the passing game. He lost interest here. He lost interest. Here there's no doubt. I think i i'm wondering like how long it took for him to realize look he had the owner to deal with obviously in a bunch of buffoons. That were running around in the front office at the time here But i'm wondering how quickly he realized he had made a mistake. The money wasn't a mistake. Obviously but it was it was a fish out of water square peg round hole. Him in the nfl. Yeah the minute. The minute he came he was he was on the market. And and it might mcgee's we started talking about the absolutely the direction we need to. We need to go and lifeless convinced from the beginning As well 'cause we live halsey been coach. Lou done a really good job but lou. I'm a turnaround guy and and and turned around. And now i need to. You know. I wanna move on and and he really did a great job in helping us. land steve as well by. Tell us what's going on with mason. Obviously you know in this town. George mason mason's basketball program is of high interest. You've got a new coach there This year How are things going at mason. Yeah i i mean i. I love this guy Kim english and sometimes you know. I'm trying to control my of optimism And you know we just got to that place where we we'd gone from thirteen to about hot fifth in the conference. God here we've just gotten in the a ten you know which is a a again. It's going to be the six nights best conference you know not rain to give or take up. You know in america so it was. We were no longer than the colonial. And and but we just got to that point where we were. We were really concerned until we moved forward. And you know college. Basketball also changed overnight with the portal and And and kim english who's the guy been you know they're watching gotten on my radar a little bit and i mean i is just the guy that has you know unbelievable. Nba player pedigree for being a second round draft. Pick in the nba. Great college player in a phenomenal coach. Any for a guy who's thirty two you would never know it. I mean his sense of Of the game gained situation. is recruited authentic. It build relationships is really tremendous. And so i've loved what i've seen so far in In the team that he's put together not much more than four mong in making that higher. I'm just curious because he was an assistant at tennessee recently. Coaching with rick barnes. Who if my memory serves me correctly. Coached at george mason way. Back in the day Head job at the gary williams ohio state staff. So he i think he can then. He ended up at mason after that. And then you know then it was providence and clemson in texas obviously got man Rick barnes. I've i've always thought about rick barnes. Nobody's done the. Let's fine the big time football school with a pretty good basketball program. So i can sort of fly under the radar you know. Coaching clemson texas and tennessee. Because he's a hell of a coach. He's a hell of a coach but the but the pressure's really at the at the universities he's been at is really never on him on the football coach and in spring football ends up being a bigger sport than the than the basketball program. But did you end up talking to rick a lot about the gym several times. Yeah he was a huge fan of kim's and and just validated things that i picked up early conversation tad boyle against that he was colorado colorado was as good of a system as he had ever had. I had i talked to no less than seven. Nba executives who all said the same thing about the guy like you..

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