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Could go to with very high school Laurie. I knew there was but I just I just let you just. Yep. Yeah. 'cause they don't wanna disappoint. You didn't know where to go anyway now. But now I do. Yeah. Thank you would everybody ends Monday early voting because I know people have been doing the Minnesota has got to be one of the few places in the whole United. Maybe he does that. Yeah. Thank you. Okay. Thank you. Everyone for calling. I appreciate it. Okay. So Laurie James out. Oh my God. We got KUA on gains. Danny not only. It's a tough one to five. So this morning when I'm watching, you know, all of the late night shows, I'm watching Jimmy Kimmel, and I'm like, okay, I'm gonna speed. Of course, you know, tomorrow. Yeah. No tonight, you show be funny because the people posted videos of themselves telling took away their candy will be on. Yes. Kimmel tonight. But he was he was dressed in costume his. Yeah. His whole band. So I just skip through everything and got right to John stamos. John stamos came out as any Bob Marino. And when he sat down on the couch with Jimmy Kimmel, I waited for them to turn. Then I did the old I'm taking a picture of the TV picture. I I do this all the time with with celebrities that are on morning or late night whenever I just take a picture. And then I just wrote love John stamos, but included at Johns Simos, Vinny Brennan chemo's, Mr. Qatar from seventy show, you know, just hashtag Halloween, and he replied, John say to us did not. He's honest right now, what did he send going? He said uncanny. People are liking. He has like a million people follow you now is one point seven six million. Okay. It is a great photo. It is a great photo. And I am right right now, we are at the top. We're the number one thing on his on his if you go to John stamos Twitter. It's our tweet learning. So I replied officially fainting in the studio right now. And he really really did. Look he did just killing me gives such great couch. And it's just so funny that whoever, you know, you know, side, it's the first time it's ever happened. G do you know, how many people we've tweeted adding don't ever pay any attention Lori? This is very very exciting. Picture taking away my election. Shame right. Your soul, lying and your. Shame which you didn't even feel. Yeah. I didn't even feel but I'm like, whoa. Okay. This is a big Dr we're going to get more people following us because of this. I just want you to know that because it's already like just you know, busting. Oh my God. You're so funny Lori. Okay. We're spoilt. We know. John's stay Mosey did reply. I mean, I don't know. I'm sure. Lots of people tweeted out him or whatever. Wean but a little baby and TV less. I know I know and then next Monday, you know, he's gonna be on busy Phillips show is he's got his part on you. Did you see? Oh, yeah. He is such a pot-smoking smoking psychologist. It's it's such a great bird. All right. So anyway, there you go. I'm just we're just on a little giddy late night high that happened this morning. The one who told me about taking pictures on TV all the time. Yeah. Okay. So what would happen five yesterday? Andy Cohen had about the most awkward. Conversation with Debra winger. I wonder what she would have been like if she'd ever got Meghan Kelly shores somebody 'cause like she did not did she not know what Andy Cohen show was about. She was really a pill. She's a pill and you don't get. She hated them. No. But that's just wrong. Yeah. I mean, donate those don't go on the show. Absolutely. Anyway. So maybe she never ever heard Andy Cohen, but she like case. So it was awkward awkward awkward, but it's her job. When you go on a show publicist her publicist, but I kinda think her job it's not like she's getting a lot of media Laurie. Yeah. No. I I agree with you. I don't think it's a good idea. So Seth Meyers who is like a personal friend of Andy's. And I only know that from reading Andy's book superficial. Andy Cohen in real life is good friends with Sarah. Jessica Kelly Ripa set my ears and Jimmy Fallon like he hangs out with their wives and go to the Hamptons. So Seth Meyers. Oh had never been in the watch. What happens live Papa clubhouse never been on the show. And I think Andy just honestly needed a friend and Krista was Halloween. So he I'm sure it was pre-arranged because he had they had people coming in dressed. And stuff. But it felt like, you know, like he just was like, oh, I got that over with. I can't wait to hear him dish about that on some other show. But here's Seth Meyers is Chris you gotta play plead the fifth south who has been the worst interview you've had on late night thus.

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