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Michael. Here's my great. I'm so happy. I can be part of that. Them adam so you do have to honor the past of that institution and that's really important and We learned that the hard way in our own efforts to transform various institutions. One's very close to her. Art is that you have to acknowledge If you have earned the right to have a command and control structure. There's something that you are protecting right by. There's there there are stakes to getting this wrong. And so really starting with honoring past but also creating a very clear and compelling change mandate that is aligned with the meta vision in the meta purpose for that organization like we exist for the stakeholders and so we are going to change in order to position ourselves to better serve these stakeholders like you have to do. The work. in the current compelling change mandate without honoring the past. The past will. Just keep pulling you back exactly. So if you don't honor the past and the people that were thriving in that case. If you're at all dismissive and like the playfulness that we were doing would not go. Well right right right. Yeah the honor. The past have a super clear compelling change mandate and then a really rigorous an optimistic way forward. That's part three that those are the three parts. Yup and then the way you honor the past is you do it by saying okay. You've been successful. You've been there's things that have really worked would wanna throw the baby out with the bathwater Let me send right there in terms of the role play. Yeah i need a little more enthusiasts auto none dead so sorry i gotta get back into the front of the main amazing right. Yeah yeah so so one of one of the chokepoints if you will is that people hear that and they're like yeah but i'm not giving up my power you know like yes we have and i get that we wanna be more. Abc whatever this new mandate is and we want people to feel empowered. Okay that's good. we'll dammit. Why don't they just be more empowered. Because i want them to do their flip job. They are empowered to do their job and they should make more decisions wise. Everything get escalated up to me this before right. That's the clear and compelling change so one of the reasons we like burning buildings is because that piece attorney and compelling men has been taken care of because simon on the front page of the new york times. I don't like it. this isn't working anymore. Performance has gone down. And i don't like it that's what otherwise in the past yet. No let's let's. Let's say the past work because of its not financial. It's something else this is this is the this is the progressive business financially for crushing it but from humanistic standpoint. They're feeling the. Yeah the just like this isn't good enough and so but there's power in having power and not everybody wants. I don't know anyone that really wants to let go of power out of fear that they might if somebody else's empowered that they're gonna lose their power which is not how it works. Yeah so the book. We wrote which is called unleashed the unapologetic leaders. Guide to empowering everyone around you begins with a tony morrison quote that is essentially once you have gotten that power you so richly deserve. Your job is to turn around and empower someone else. So the fundamental definition of leadership that we use his leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and having it last into your absence so when you are thinking in that fixed pie way we would not call you a leader. Because you're being way too self absorbed but other datas to unleash others. And by the way. If i unleash others and you do it in a fixed pie. I'm gonna thump. You absolutely the quote of like the to. Yes yes yes. And i would say i would add to. It is that. I'm not so sure that you can give me that. You can empower me. This is where i get a little hung up on the word. Because if you can empower me guess what you can take back back to this. Trust thing so. I'm not so sure that i need somebody to empower me. I need to know that how to express the power that i already own that is already with. And there's some organizational stuff that doesn't allow to me to do that. And if i'm okay with it all stay at never met anyone who got into their full potential without the help of someone else. Never i like that. Yeah that yeah. I say often i say extraordinary is too big too complicated too beautiful to do it alone. Nobody does it alone. Not one person. Yup i like that okay. You guys are great all right. So what do we get the book. Where can we follow you. Where can people call you an email you to do some work together. We can come to our website and leaders guide dot com We just start a newsletter. That superfund we get to just write love letters to the world. You can find the book there You know we we. What's really fond of at this point in our careers. Is we get to do the work that we love to do. Back to my freedom fetish. It's also the freedom to work with Only if people wanna work with leaders and organizations we love and they're really on. The right path might have some boulders that we can help bright ties to pebbles and then they can sweep them away. I want to figure out how to work with us. I don't know if you include me in there in the you'd want to but i would love to work if you guys with cuts michael come on one day. Maybe one day. But we've got some. We've got some enterprise companies and some large organizations. That are looking to help looking to us to help them be really progressive in the human aspect of excellence and so we're wrestling with a lot of the things that you guys are down the path on and so I'm looking forward to more hopefully us to. Yeah the book. I think it really does capture the way we think about the world and we do about arms. And there's a lot of schematics in it a lot of ten points ten without Unless i'm going to send you guys the the book that i recently published. Authenticity is in the subtitle and compete is in the title. It's called compete to create. It means really like compete in the sense of creating a living masterpiece. You gotta you gotta work your way into creating a living masterpiece love it love it by the time the sentiment love you guys art. We'll have some fun together. Okay thank you guys. it's been beautiful okay bye..

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