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Local stores. You maybe you're working for a national food chain restaurant. A high end restaurant, you know, maybe you're working in catering high in catering business, you have to start to identify all the different ways that you can lead. People in the food sector. That's your homework assignment. That's what I want you to do start to list out all the different places because you know, your role, you know, what the role is you have to spend any time on that. You're an leader leadership that could take several different paths. But ultimately, you're in a leadership role in the food sector, and you want to grow a business. So it has to be can't be just leadership. It's gotta be leading people and leading a business. Like, you're you're interested in PNL's, and and cutting costs and efficiencies. You wanna have your hands in the business practice you love that? So man, that's that's pretty easy to find. Identify him started denting. How do I get there? If I weren't for this company. I wanna get to this point. What's the best path to get me there? That's all you've got to do. And you're already on that path really excited about you sharp young, man. That's what it's all about. Right there. Folks, I've been talking about this forever. The job market is unbelievable right now more jobs available in the United States than there are people who are unemployed recent data over six million jobs available. You listen to the show because you want to do the work that you love, you're listening. You know, what you do best? You know, what you love to do most? Now, you just need to put it together. In a smart way, the smartest way to get yourself out. There is with my friends at ZipRecruiter. Their technology is second to none why because of the matching part of their technology. You put in what you want to do what you're good at. They take your information. And they're like your personal recruiter twice as ZipRecruiter. It's fast and efficient. They put you in front of the people who are going to be hiring. You that's why it is so efficient. So here's the deal if you are an employer, and you're looking for somebody who can change the game for you. You can try ZipRecruiter. For a limited time for free. All you gotta do is go to ZipRecruiter dot com slash kin. It.

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