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There is new guidance on how Corona viruses spread, and it might make you think twice about taking off that mask. The CDC now says that airborne virus can be inhaled. Even when it's more than six ft, away from an infected person this new languages posted online, and it's a change from an earlier stance that most infections were due to close contact, not airborne transmission. We're going to have more on this just ahead at 6 10 with CNN senior health editor Maggie Fox. So stick around for that. It's 4 42 here on Double D T. O P. A local CEO is drawing fire from her own staff after writing a Washington Post op ed against the work from home movement. The protester piece. Washingtonian magazine's editorial staff is refusing to publish today in the now contentious opinion piece. Washingtonian CEO Cathy Merrill argues that continuing toe work remotely will erode collaboration, creativity and culture. But Meryl's most controversial line is this one remembers something every manager knows The hardest people to let go are the ones you know. Large number of editorial staff members tweeted, They're dismayed by Meryl's public threat to their livelihood. So that was their quote. The outrage prompted the CEO to walk back her remarks in an internal memo to staff today, she says flexible work schedules along with health and four Oh one k benefits will not change. It's fourth for 43. Other news. This is a stretch of Georgia Avenue and Aspen Hill. It's where a sad and most unusual thing happened. Last month, a woman was killed crossing the road. Short distance from where her husband died. Now a Montgomery County Council member is asking the state to add a new traffic signal and Aspen Hill. Montgomery County Council member Nancy Navarro is asking for a safety feature called AH Hawk signal for Georgia Avenue and Aspen Hill. Now hawk signals are activated by a push button by pedestrians waiting to cross. Navarra wrote to Maryland Transportation Secretary Greg Slater and explained that last month 63 year old Claire Grossman of Aspen Hill died crossing the very same stretch of Georgia Avenue where her husband was struck and killed in 2016. Navarro noted the state had reduced the speed limit in the past, but said Grossman's death underscores the need for added safety features there. Kate Ryan. W T o p New for 43. It is pink. It is sprightly, and it is a great way to toast Mom this Sunday Double d T O P. WINE columnist Scott Greenberg shared all the details with my partner.

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