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Over to Facebook. You're looking for radio cats on Facebook RA, DIO KABC radio cats on Facebook, and you can see Millard the Mallard in action. I've got him in a posed in a couple of action shots here. The radio factory and already John Reid. Lusting after him. No John wants Millard. And so now, I gotta figure out what I'm gonna do Millard was given to me Nancy came in. Specifically the present me with Millard. She's had it since she was a little girl back in the nineteen sixties. And she wanted me to habit. What to do what to do what to do? Well, I think for the time being I'll simply lauded over John mock him incessantly with it. But you know, Christmas is coming who knows? But if you want to see the pictures of Millard, the Mallard while Millard is still in good shape. Head on over to Facebook looking for radio cats are ADA. Okay. ATC Barbra Streisand has a brand new anti President Trump song outs. And she wants you to know about it. And let me see what she wants you to know. It's an anti Trump song. But it's not really an anti Trump song. But it's an anti Trump song. Here we go. Lection became mortifies kind of an terrified. And so I had to use my creative energy to I had to put it somewhere. And thank God. I have music in my life. So I can. I have a forum. I have a way to express my feelings. And I mean every morning, I literally was afraid to turn on the news. I'm not singing to him. I'm singing about him. And actually, if you listen to the lyrics at first, you know, you don't know who I'm singing to it could be a relationship song. An argument break up the marriage. My lightening me people lie. I've never responded to lies lies. Get me. Crazy. So that's a big motivation for me writing. That's all I'm in shock every day. When I turn on the news. And I hear what he said yesterday at the UN boasting about this is the best presidency. But you see I can only then through my tweets. So when he says things, you know, then I I try to answer. I don't know. But it lets me feel better. You know, if frees me from. I don't even know what from such stress. So all I can do is write about it..

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