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The show four thirty eight. Rick Lewis, Kathy Lee here with you. And we have two special guest in studio. Comedian Erik Griffin and Vanessa who was opening for you Vanessa Johnston Johnston. Never told me your last name is a team there. John, John, John. Okay. Eric was on our FOX morning show. What was was it yesterday yesterday, man, time flies? Yeah. And killed it on her FOX morning show. The show last night. And we're going to help them sell some more tickets here. Thanks for coming in band. Taking all the credit you here. When he said, hey, I don't want to toot my own home. He's a horn tutor discount. Let me just say, you're welcome. What is leaving a cat believe it at that? But no you killed it on the show, and and I check out on YouTube. But yesterday when I was in my hyperbaric chamber. I pulled you up and watch some you can watch TV for your phone in there. Okay. Well, you can't let you don't have those refrigerators have TV's on them. A little little screen under few. Maybe it's a really high tech, Eric. He's got a high tech. Oxygen. Salon in his house pretty much. Yeah. Anyway, watch do you watch some of your stuff, man? You're really good. Very very funny. I appreciate which not surprising. But. You're really good in Vanessa. So you flying to open for him around the country. We Flynn together. This is the first time. Okay. And we always have different people. I know Vanessa in LA, she's very funny. And she was like I got some fans in Denver. You know? So. Bring you. So here, we are nice of you. She's my Kathy. Okay. So she's your work wife. Oh, is that what you guys Carlin? Yeah. Yeah. Are you both? I didn't even ask you both both oh tweet show each other. I know, but I'm saying, so she's my work wife you've met his wife. Of course. Yeah, we're family. Okay. And then he knows my husband. Oh, okay. Each other's kids. A little swing. I'm just saying. A little bit angry when you're talking about it. What's the UN Vanessa relationship mentor friend, not swinger we swing? He's like my dad tells me all the things that Iran. Okay. Okay. That right. Like, you couldn't be big brother. The older. Yeah. Inappropriate. Thanks, dad. Great. I don't even have any kids. Yeah. And you've never been married. Right. So I've never been married. I was close once. But you know, I scape that nightmare gave a ring and everything I was about to. And then I got cheated on. She was Philippino too. So I have a little not that Filipino. But I'm looking at you. You're close enough. Okay. You to head a little contentious thing yesterday. He said was that his glasses and his? Mustache, look like they should come off. Never heard that one hundred percent. When you look at it. And you're like it should all come off. Oh, gosh. Do you have a Mr. potato head vibe? Man. Eric, I'm on your side. Eric, okay. All right. Yeah. Okay. Whatever. That was the first time Eric's ever heard that though, right? No wasn't. I haven't I've heard this nonsense before to lift lift. And the lady says, I recognize you from something, you know. And I said, yeah, you know, I get that a lot was like. Yeah. You look like Mr. potato. So what did you say to her? I just ignored her after that. That's just. You're like a bad reveals even laugh like, oh, I made a joke. She was like, that's what made it creepy was seriously. Yeah. Tweeted at lift about it. I'd say, hey, this is inappropriate. But you're a comedian. You wanna look funny? Right. That's her whole thing. Here we go. And it just keeps coming up like. Like, did I need this committee for this is an abusive relationship, we have already here love comes out of pure love. But just I don't like this the seriousness of how he said funny. Funny. Your mom drop. You a few times? Right. You could get contacts and shave the moustache if you wanted to I don't want to shave born with it. I can't you came out, Harry Yeah. my. My lip would be too big without the mustache looked like it was two inches thick. You know what? I mean. What was the last thing? He didn't have a moustache. I don't even remember I think it was one one semester in like high school because they were trying to be like strict, no facial hair that kind of thing, and then you're like Lenny shaven look ridiculous. Can you grow a full beard knows now is to the beards too choppy? It would take longer for it to really fill in. So just doesn't look good. When it's. I don't really do beer. Do you want to cool with the full beard you like a mountain, man? I don't love hair. I like, my men clean. You wanna seal? No mustache. No facial hair. No body here. Yeah. He's got to be. So practically agent woman. Pretty much. Yeah. So how do you feel about his look, I am I gonna con? I'll never come back. What you what has it working with them? Kathy. Did. His look works for comedy. But she's hot. Thank you. You know? So like how does that work for comedy you? You're attractive which is unusual for comedian. I'm here to balance out, Eric. Yes. And I'm here to be funny. Ballots. That's awesome. Erik Griffin is his name, and he is very funny, and he's at the comedy works south and last night show sold out you sold out Thursday night. And so it's gonna be a big weekend for you comedy works dot com for tickets, let me get a traffic break.

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