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Investment they go ahead and take fifty percent of the gains that sounds like a lot but the more you put in the more you earn and trust me it's done wonders for my portfolio along of so many other people checkout join helium dot com that's jail i n h e l e um join helium dot com that's join helium dot com w martinez at the rams are republic hang on site will be right back after this public on patriots today go to the republic i use soundcloud stitcher tune move play and you don't enough out city that bodies the spirit of service virginia is known for i'm album billingsley and i'm running to promote free enterprise accountability and trust in those city canceled check out my website billingsley for lynchburg dot com and help us let lynch lead the way i'm barbara billingsley was missing hello my name is alex moore said and i am libertarian i invite you to join me in spreading the message of liberty come down to alex dot com where you can find videos and lots of other media to educate you about liberty and more i've also created learn economics now dot com as a quick way the show anyone to basics about economics libertarian wanna one dot com a great starting place learn what is libertarianism how to get involved and how to move things forward intro the liberty dot com where you can learn more about how to spread the liberty through positive messaging from people like myself larry sharpe and michael pickens and don't forget libertarian podcasts that calm we can find an exhaustive list of libertarian podcast for you to enjoy this is alex said follow me on social media such as facebook twitter instagram.

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