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So those basketball her agreement foresaw was actually the first basketball program organized in the state of montana it immediately became immensely popular among the girls at the school physical games played in teams were already a really important element of pretty much all of their indigenous cultures basketball also had some similarities to a number of native girls games these included double ball which used a pair of balls tethered together and then toss from a stick which was exclusively a women's sport among most of the plane's tribes there was another game called shitty which was a lot like field hockey and used curved sticks which was generally a women's rule irwin's game as well uh some tribes also had versions of lurk lacrosse crossed that were played by women basically there were a lot of team sports with balls specifically played by women among a lot of different indigenous cultures basketball was also a lot more fun in physically active than physical culture class uh and it was the one time of day when students could really shed some of the schools cultural expectations they could participate in unladylike behavior like running in jumping with abandon although the boys at the school had shown an initial interested basketball as well sealed the girls were outperforming them on the court in their interest waned they also had plenty of other teams worse to choose from whereas the girls did not because there was no other basketball program in montana at the time for the first few years of basketball at foresaw indian school all of the games were intramural scrimmage matches even so they were as popular with the local community as they were with the girls at the school at an end of year ceremony game in 1887 they didn't enter mural demonstration that brought in three hundred spectators to watch.

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