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AC tuna for only $49 Time for some traffic and weather we start with Dave dildine In the district the freeway ramps are open three 95 and 6 95 it's still slow east and westbound but it's gotten a little better over the past hour Meanwhile it is only gotten worse on the beltway in Alexandria and from the Springfield interchange past the Alexandria exits be it in the local or the through lanes traffic is very heavy and slow for more than two hours on the Woodrow Wilson bridge The truck crash in the through lanes and only one or two lanes to the left getting by at times using the shoulder on the outer loop in the through lanes on the Wilson bridge And with the local lanes open but maxed out there are significant effects through old town and heading north of belhaven and groveton en route one and nearby on duke street and king street and telegraph road There are only so many places for drivers to go when the Woodrow Wilson bridge is a no go Traffic is getting by this but since it's a long-standing truck crash in the through lanes the backup extends deep into the Springfield interchange On the interloop it's slow from the dulles toll road across the American legion bridge If that works for you the lanes are open likely a few more drivers going that way Just volume delays heading east into Silver Spring 95 southbound after route 32 before the rest area the crash consolidated on the right half of the main line you're getting by staying to the left Southbound on 95 delays began before one 75 northbound allowing for rubber necking two 70 normal northbound slowdowns through.

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