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I used to because the realities OR use thank god I use you need to get younger and better and rebuild and an old washed up Carmelo Anthony doesn't help that at all I don't know what Leon rose could possibly be thinking to bring back Carmelo Anthony he would be thirty six at the start of the twenty twenty twenty one twenty one regular season he's not going to want to play a subordinate role for some reason Carmelo Anthony has this misguided notion that he's still an elite NBA player thirty six and he's not you know he he he was basically all involuntary yearlong sabbatical around the week before Portland signed up in November and has he been has there been a resurgence in Portland to a degree yeah he's put up some decent numbers Hey Andy he's played a decent role on a team that's not healthy to any way and has really struggled all year you know they're nine games under five hundred twenty and a half games back over the top spot in the Western Conference and three and a half games adult last playoff spot in the Western Conference so the numbers are kind of hollow and empty a whole bunch of guys got hurt you know in their kitchen Zach Collins Rodney hood all have is spent big chunks of the season at all currently are out right now for Portland so yeah the fact that mellows averaging six fifteen points and six rebounds a game shooting forty two percent Corning thirty six percent from three it's empty he's putting up decent numbers on a bad team that's all banged up and getting some run he still can't play any defense he's still not the kind of guy that's going to mentor young guys and and help them play better he's going to be selfish he's going to want to get his he's going to want major minutes and he's hardly going to care about winning or losing he's going to care about getting hits and what his is is get minutes getting points getting rebounds and putting up stats that's why it didn't work in Houston that's why it didn't work in Oklahoma City that's why he had an involuntary yearlong sabbatical from the leak because nobody wanted him because he's a bad fit on a good team and he's a he's not an asset to a young team that's bad right now but is trying to add young pieces and trying to teach them how to be NBA players because he's got that kind of guy you teach anybody to do anything he wants to get the kids so you're a lousy team you need to get better pieces you don't need to win an extra couple games that having Carmelo Anthony on your roster right my plan is to bring you over some other piece that you have right now is your early in your rebuilding project you know you need to get younger you need to get an opportunity get high priced it better talent there you'll need to trim money off your salary cap so perhaps you can bring some young ascending quality veterans or maybe even a star to win what you don't need is to give any money to a thirty six year old declining Carmelo Anthony who provides zero leadership and zero anything do you provide some numbers any at this point is career puts up some numbers on teams that loops when teams win he's nothing but a role player and he's not content to play that role still plays lousy defense he still more of a volume scorer than anything else where where does I don't see where mellow helps you in any way if you are a rebuilding team I I I just don't get that and I don't see where he helps you know there are certain kind of veterans that you can bring into rebuilding teams that will help mentor and teach these guys how to be NBA players and perhaps had a win in the future would you define Carmelo Anthony is that guy absolutely not Carmelo Anthony is all about getting his he wants to stuff the stat sheet he wants to play minutes that's what's important to him I've never proudly Carmel likes to win but I've never found that winning was important to what is coach Oklahoma City thought that him coming off the bench might have been the best thing for the founders chance to win the personal data what do you study lasted ten games under Mike d'antoni they let him go it just didn't work so where this guy helps you as a mentor to young talent and why you want to add him to this roster in the future I have no idea I have no idea either I I have no earthly idea where does he help and you know some people when I'm reading some of the other articles around this are prospering the the ridiculous notion that well you know you gotta give Knicks fans something they want to see a reason to show up as you're rebuilding his car is watching Carmelo Anthony played a reason for Knicks fans to show up absolutely not thirty six year old Carmelo Anthony drawer slides if they covered him with poop that's the realities of the situation he ain't gonna draw the body they're going to help your team get any better always going to do is clog up a spot for young developing player to perhaps get better they'll be stuck behind Carmelo Anthony's he's chucking up shot after shot and not playing any defense and not getting anybody else involved I don't want him here innovative Leon rose brings him in because we are rose used to be mellows agent and he makes similar Nick for this last gasp for Carmelo Anthony on now I'm done I'll find another NBA basketball team to root for because I got to be quite honest with you I'm really really sick of it if you had no plan and no direction in New York forever when you can't get the right guys take your money you give it to any guys and yet nine power forwards on the team you're going nowhere fast the way the NBA works you gotta have stars then you got to put the right pieces around them bad contracts will do next have a bunch of bad contracts and I have no stars which means they have no chance and bringing Carmelo Anthony is going to help that so when I rose here's a memo if you bring in mellow you want to go to draw any more fans two two NYC games to Madison Square Garden you are not going to help this team develop and get better as they try to bring in better talent they trying to get better and you'll have lost me as a fan and I'm sure others because we're sick and tired as big fans of the Knicks organization through all its different versions of front offices and under Dolan ownership trying to skin the cat and trying to stay competitive while rebuilding the lord's making the playoffs forget about it watch strip it down bottom barrel a quarter young potential superstar talent get cheap get lean and as you start to acquire talent make sure you get a ton of money under the salary cap so that way if your star way and the right star hits free agency you can go out and get him and maybe you could actually get him to come to Madison Square Garden City going to Barclays center like the stars did last year in free agency UP next we'll get to work exactly why you don't need to trade away all your deaths that's next on SBNation radio just battle John bell with you be sure to keep it where it is the.

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