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Gavin likes the pension solo Homer in the eighth is John shabiha the calls on ESPN radio the Dodgers blank the national six nothing impressive game want to win in LA the Dodgers looking it back to the world's reserve wanted since nineteen eighty eight Dodgers star outfielder Cordy Ballenger scored a run it to watch the women spoke with ESPN's Alden good Salas after the victory. no one is. view behind them in center field all the like playing behind on the line. realize that he had a good start. although the water that we need to find. guide out of everything. he thinks that elevate himself in these situations you've been asking me for a couple years now what if you noticed about him that maybe make some better when the stages biggest like this Walker. view of this day really company themselves. maybe the most on the do not call about. twenty three thirty pages a turned on so I mean we expected that and I need. Roger Corman's had some success against you guys but you guys seem to make it work pretty well the usual walk coming by trouble to. I guess that they will work for you guys. our strength. you like to do third situations and using that to our advantage a job today there are many. we had a lot of guys on and you will be billed for the Dodgers beat the national six W. game one Walker Buehler the wind that was thirty seven strikeouts in his first five career postseason games as the second most in Dodgers history one behind all of Famers sandy Koufax thanks for tuning in sports in our online at ESPN radio and ESPN app I'm John Ryder into the NFL week five kicking off on Thursday night what a game this was featuring NFC west battle in Seattle between the Seahawks in the rams this one lived up to the hype the first touchdown comes with under a minute to play in the first quarter Russell wife.

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