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Your Lou talking? I, this is this is starting to fit. Awesome. The little, you know, I blink precipitation police have everything, but I got low. Okay. Did you did they call us? They let us know you're calling Darren Taylor, we'll we'll get back to my assets. And I, I remember where we were. Is this Darren on the phone? Hello. Oh, hi, we have. We have Darren. Okay. Hello. Can you hear us. Is this Darren. Yeah, this is okay. Did we wake you up or or did somebody wake you up to call us. No, I'm just lying out chilling mice a little chilly. Chilin. Okay. Hey, Darren, he always so relaxed before your fights. Saudi, you're all you see on filtered. By the way I'm Matt Serra and we've got Jimmy Norton here with us. The oil. He's my co hosts. How are you buddy. So you're in Vegas, right guy, buddies. Oh, I'm in Texas. All that's why it's in Dallas. I was thinking of you training the performance institute. How did you like working there? I went through there once it was pretty amazing. It's like a futuristic facility. Yes, believe rather sets on that. You know to them, you know, I was going fit more recovery side wants to take oxygen. Definitely digital. I call. I got some warehouse and every day you know, go down to the recovery room and it was good as you know your stuff, a massage. You know every day Cabrillo it's definitely benefited by buddy. I saw a video two of you and Mike Perry, did you guys ever wind up sparring together? There was a weird mix up where you thought he wanted to go to the spa. We we ended up. I actually thought he wants to just go and kill an on. Unlike chill out for he wants us to take from me. So you know, I'm not one month. Okay. And any any of them down if he wants to fight at least coma? Yeah. You don't feel weird about that sparring with people that one day you might end up fighting. Knowledge? Yeah, I, I don't care about all that stuff. That's when you called them in yourself. Like I, you know, spot fight. It doesn't mean the end. It doesn't. You know, a lot of these guys say, don't spy in the comp. Well, you mentally full from, we have. You need to smile someone else's come, you know, they say, like, you know, the say yet one time we change, they got the mother took him down a lot youthful taken involved, but it's about fight Saudi Saul. I don't look into them things. I just I, you know, I just like fighting Unimat octagon often on, you know, when you truly believe in your skill set, you know, you will always, you know, you know, you know, calling from Burma. That's just what I believe. So you know, Mike petty, you know knows spa doesn't mean you're not. He's he's gonna advantage over to one. We fight all you know what I saw the guy calls for spa. We'll be wants to spot me tonight..

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