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Org about the vagrant problem in north beach insane Clementi and today, our own reporter corporate Carson visited you probably just turn the news report that Moore played where homeless people came up to morass them. That's that's the situation there, and the government there is folding arms and saying we can't do anything court ruling saying unless we have shelter space. They can log on the sidewalk, and the reason it's three got kicked up again this week is because they were blocking the path of. Man in a wheelchair talk about that. So in one hour. Don't want. It's the fault of these stupid cities to allow so much to build up on the streets that the court says, well, you can't just. Just carry them away. If you had taken care of this from day one and driven them out of town. Every time you never would've ended up on a judge's docket can't tolerate if you tolerate the problem grows because his other places, we know the well, I mentioned earlier in the show Burbank and Culver city and Beverly Hills. You're not seeing this. How come I would say most couns don't have this problem? How come how come because their their government, the mayor and the city council said no and the police department enforce the law, and now look at this big mess, and you have no idea how to clean it up. They don't they don't know what to do. And they're tired of getting gal that I think I think people ought to keep saying, look, you got all you people. Whatever town you've got to recall, these guys gotta recall, and you got to go back to court. You don't have to listen to some to some judge on this necessarily go back to court. Rights to everybody's got rights. Not just the vagrants thought the United States vagrants here too. Good one US, AVI. Receptor petition there seems to be extra extra civil rights. I let's does seem that extra amendments in their constitution. Attention with vagrant issue to downtown LA group called DT L A strong decided they had to take their case to city hall yesterday. They went there. Dozens of them to demand more cops in their neighborhoods are frustrated by the crime and the harassment and the drug sales. We're gonna get a guest on right now from LA strong, a member of the group. Anthony, how do you pronounce your last night? Anthony. Dan. I don't know. Welcome to the John and Ken show me. What what what are the changes that you see in your neighborhood? Well, I mean, they're they're multiple, right? The neighborhood itself has just exploded in population. When I moved down here ten years ago. It was about maybe thirty thousand people don't live down here not including skid row population. And now there's about seventy five thousand people that live down here. So we'd be doubled in size. And because of that you have more people on the street just living their lives. There was an uptick in the homeless population in skid row, not nearly as big of a gross that we had with the people that actually live in apartments and loss, etc. But those those two things they meet each other. And there's problems at zoo sometimes going to say then there ten years has always been skid row in downtown LA. Why hundreds of years we've had skid row? Explain to our listeners. You did say there's a bit of an uptick, but why is it a problem? It's big enough. Now that your group is organized, and you're taking your case to city government. Well, I do want to clarify one thing we we city hall to ask for our commensurate right to services more than necessarily an issue about homelessness crime. They don't they don't deploy officers in a way that recognizes how much our neighborhood has grown, and there are places that are a little louder to city hall to get more services when they want them. So that was mostly our push. It's more about getting are commensurate amount of services from the city is specifically on foot patrols just because we think patrols make more sense in downtown. It's a dense urban setting. It's not your usual, Los Angeles sprawl a cop patrol car doesn't really interact with the neighborhood or do do the things we need a community. Well, we need is a presence not necessarily respond to calls for service went to this meeting. There's a woman in Katherine Tamasek said one of her friends was beaten and robbed on main street. Another is body slam near seventy grand another day was stabbed and hospitalized with a punctured lung and had to move out of the neighborhood. So it's it's that the, you know, there's enough vagrants. Now, you gotta you gotta violent contingent, and there's no police to discourage this behavior. Absolutely. There's there's definitely been uptick of random acts of violence some of them at the hands of what you would call a vagrant. But the one of the things I think that doesn't get really addressed is that there is a criminal element that comes to downtown LA to prey on everyone. Not just you know, the average Joes, but the Vegas themselves. They come to prey on them, and they disguised themselves as vagrants in order to do. So so it's hard to differentiate between someone who's legitimately a homeless person who's down on their luck. And someone who's. An actual criminal who comes in pretends to be homeless to sell drugs, and rob and do all things because another guy Tyler Lindberg said I've been assaulted I've been spat on I've been threatened with death by random passersby on the street. I know fringe of can't wait until their lease is up. So they can move out of downtown. If you heard that from people that I've seen it. I've heard it of I will say this. It's not it's not new. It's obviously we've seen a lot more of it. Because there are more people that live down here and have more interactions. But there's always been this contingent of people who reside in skid row who has serious mental health issues that are you. You're very obviously, not well, and that when they're, you know, having a bad day, they act out in ways that you would not necessarily see somewhere else because of the mental health issues. We saw I got no how many months ago, it was the poor man that was pushed in front of the bus that was able. Terrible because it's all on video. Also that HARA does anybody on city council seem to care. They do they do care. The the challenge is, you know, people smarter than me with more resources have tried to tackle the homelessness problem in downtown with little success. I don't think we've figured out a way to actually address it because you can't force people into treatment. You can't force them into shelter. You can't. So if they can't force him into a shelter. You can't force them to get the mental health treatment that they need. They win. And since we don't enforce the laws about camping and loitering and defecating and drug-taking. There you go. They win the Nicotrol the sidewalks. I'm not even sure they win. Right. I think we all lose. My police chief Michael Moore. I mean, he responded by saying, well, if I look at the numbers right in the last three years they've had ten officers to your to your area there in downtown LA think that's still not enough. Well, it's it's sort of misleading right because the number of officers sort of irrelevant. What's really important is the ratio of sworn personnel to people that live here and come here. You can give me four hundred cops. If the ratio is the worst in the in the department. It doesn't really matter. How many there is we need to have the the right amount of cops for the number of people that are here, and he didn't reference that hopefully, we'll get that in the report that they think his bless his heart, Mr. Corean asphalt from LAPD, and we'll get some real information. Anthony. All right. We appreciate you talking tanks. Very much. Thank you for having me issue. Anthony. Sarah, no from LA strong stands for downtown LA strong. And they want more cops. I mean, you heard the population numbers he gave the increase in residents now living there, and he just feels proportionately not getting a comment. They built all these new condo's. There were so many young working people moving in. They've been promoting these these neighborhoods for quite some time. And and they let the developers put up a lot of a lot of construction. Some of them are expensive places. Most people are not gonna put up with walking outside the and harass. It was a great frontier. I'm looking at one of the comments on the at times story. Yeah. And one guy wrote I just started working in downtown LA seventh near spring. I thought it was going to be cool working there. There's a lot of energy a lot of places to eat and drink and hang out. But the amount of bums and wackos undermines the experience every block is filled with wackos and smells like urine. My human resources department warned me that people have been getting robbed. To their smartphones around the office so to be aware fives a female, I would not be walking around downtown LA alone. In the one thing he told us in that interview. I never knew before people go there and pretend to be homeless and robbed and harass people. It's like an undercover outfit. You know? Maybe maybe you can approach people if you look like vagrant vagrant because enough people will give money if you look like a bad guy, people crossed the street and get away from you. But if you just vagrant people might let you a little closer and might try to offer your money. And that's when you could beat the hell out of them. We got more coming up. John and Ken KFI your.

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