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Be i'm getting a strong bipartisan bill fifty seven senators are so far support the derg graham bill we want to get over that number and i'm confident that we can get there and if look you've mitch mcconnell decides to totally backtrack on the statement he made in public i think there will be very severe consequences in many tools that can be used to address that issue on looking right now at the vote in the house of representatives and i see that one hundred and fortytwo democrats amtel voted against this fortyfive voted four you'd had what eighteen democrats voting against it in the senate some of them are saying they're worried that what's going to happen is you're going to get right down to the wire before february the eighth that the republican leadership will try to rush something through in the democrats will loons and ability to shape immigration legislation but judy i think there's a bipartisan majority as i said already fifty seven senators on a bill outlined by senators graham in durban so that's a very good starting point to go into this with an i think we will gain on in terms of those numbers and that was something that we'd not been promised before in other words mitch mcconnell had refused to even addressed the issue of dhaka and legislatively look there's absolutely no guarantee that shut off the government had remained shut down for two three more weeks that there'd be any resolution of the daca issue in the spending bill meanwhile we now have this opportunity and everybody should join forces everybody who wants to make sure that dreamers are treated fairly should join forces get this bipartisan bill out of the senate in the next in the coming weeks and then put a huge amount of public pressure on the house if we can put a bill into the house then the country will have to be calling the phones and going to town halls and making sure that house moves forward on this centre you started out by saying the president had not been helpful in this process and there has been criticism of the president being an uncertain negotiator but we just heard mark short the white house legislative director say the president is willing to have a conversation about citizenship for these daca recipients what does that mean to.

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