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Kyle whissel. Hey, hey, this is not Kyle. This is Stephen hunter filling in for our fearless leader. And before I do some introductions here. I wanted to give an amazing shout out to my co host. Mr Paul Johnson, Paul will not be with us today. So if everybody can just sent some prayers out this young man had a medical procedure done before in and healing. But unfortunately, he's not in this room today, and he will be dearly missed so this shoutout goes to you, Mr. Johnson love big boy, I wanted to introduce to our guest today, we have Mr. Luke deprive. How are you? I'm doing great, man. I appreciate you having me on. Absolutely. And he runs a company called live great lifestyle. He also has a podcast. So we're going to be discovering. What living a great lifestyle actually means on behalf of Luke. And I also wanted to introduce Michael STAN Clift. He is a naturopathic doctor and this. I mean, having these two guys here for this segment is I think in a blow your mind. Because we put two of the right people together, fitness, and how to live your life and incorporate that so thank you so much for being on our show. Thank you. Appreciate the invite. Absolutely. And the way we always start off everything. I mean, we can talk about the Super Bowl dog. You might wanna talk about the Super Bowl. I don't know if you've made any bets on it. But it was definitely pretty low scoring. Yeah. Scoring Super Bowl in history actually was working here on some on Sunday. And so I'm like, well, I didn't miss much but out of all the stories and all the things that have gone on one of the most interesting ones. I heard was there was a guy who placed the bet on the LA Rams. It was a appropriate that the only score three points a any two hundred and fifty dollars down. It was four hundred to one odds. So he got like one hundred thousand dollars. That's awesome. The highest scoring team in the NFL all year was the Rams they average thirty points. So this guy was like two hundred and fifty dollars. I want to put on a profit put it on that and one hundred thousand dollars. I mean, we can get into the coaching battle believe you're gonna say something. That's just fantastic. That's amazing. Bench. You have one of your guests or friends? I was just at that game. Yeah. Actually, we did. I I didn't even know he was going. I know it was on his wishlist. But I didn't even know that he had show. I saw something about scored half price tickets. I'm talking about you didn't even put what it was. Yeah. All the Super Bowls that you're gonna this is the bucket list. One you go to the well, you know, I mean, I would rather just was kinda like a hockey game score was pretty low yet Brady. And so you got to see Brady. Definitely played a couple thousand dollars for the maroon five concert. Which I thought Adam LeVine was actually out of pitch. You know, and I like him. I thought he was a little bit disconnected live. Did you watch the game as well? I don't follow baseball. Awesome. We definitely know that soccer is not in his repertoire. But yeah, I mean, I was watching the game at a a a buddy of mine's like my my wife's best friend Kristy her husband's from Boston. So you know, he's all patriot out and our kids were just creating havoc everywhere. So we're about ninety percent focused on the game. But I just couldn't believe it. And in, you know, sometimes low scoring games can be boring of soccer. Why people don't watch it? But at the same token, it was like Bella check coaching unbelievable seriously. Like watching the just the way he just the way the eliminate everything they just take everything out of the arsenal. And and that's so frustrating, and I think that the coach, you know, from the Rams side they just they're stumped. Like, what do you do? They could never get flow going. I mean, you're watching greatness. And I mean, it's insane to think nine Super Bowls have been two or whatever it is. It's unbelievable may want six. Yeah. I mean, I it has been Anna. So while you were watching baseball, right, Michael? Yeah. What were you doing? On the big day Sunday. What was going on in your world watching my toddler? Yeah. Well, that's even more important than watching. Toddlers were keeping each other busy screaming insanely Loudon crying periodically. Because there were six different kids all under the age of eight. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So there is we were all trying to like find her own corner and try to keep some quiet and the youngest one on their side locked himself in the bathroom for a while. So yeah, you know, it's just like where is he in Super Bowl party? You got there. Hey, man, when you have kids the best that you do how life changes. Absolutely. And you know, speaking of just because I'm from Canada pretty much always said that when I'm on air, but man that Arctic blast 'cause I was in New York last week and all the rain we've been getting. I mean, I I've been living in San Diego almost a little bit eleven years. I don't remember this kind of rain like sporadic just coming in. It's bipolar. It's sunny, and then it's pouring. I love it. Right. Love it. So different. I need to go jump in the mud. So I don't know if you guys have been doing in the rain, you know, absolutely, absolutely. I'm a big outdoor enthusiasts actually a a big edible mushroom hunter. Okay. So this is perfect for me that is bananas to here. Because my my wife's uncle Michael and Linda their son Jacob he specializes in finding rare mushrooms. That's awesome. He goes out to the debt. Desert and picks them like that's he's literally becoming authority. I've never heard anybody say that they'd just go pick wild mushrooms except for Jacob. It's very obscure hobby. Yeah. Is there a lot of them here in San Diego that you can go do you'd be quite surprised? I've eaten a couple dozen different varieties. I've got four edible species in my fridge arena. Oh, lion's mane something called coral tooth, which is related. Very rare white porcinis that grows in our area and something called black elfin saddle that just looks like something from another world. Yeah. It's it's not something that you can just dip your Depositos into because there's some deadly stuff out there. Yeah. What's the risk? Is there a lot of close life? Okay. You're taking your life into your hands. Each each time you had a meal, but that's part of the fun. And growing up in in Edmonton. Where I grew up in in Canada. They had something like Saskatoon berries your seat have different berries grown. Trees are native to those parts. But I was always wondering like how did our ancestors figure it like a lineup of death. Yeah. Is before. All right. We're going to watch. So and so and we'll watch them for about half an hour and see if he makes it and if so we'll all eat thinking of unity tester, you a good immune systems. Just always use you. And you're constantly just crazy because I always think about that. Right. Or even the first person I've discovered the microwave by accident like cooking yourself. How are you going through these experiments and figuring it out just thinking about the progress of how we got today, and it's seemingly safe? Let's just say right, and how everybody just had to go through their own experiment. Maybe not even knowing they were experimenting, but my arms cooked. Interest. But I if you hunt you I'll see if I can connect you to take because he's all into that stuff. And when I when I first started dating, my wife, and we went over to Herodotus house. He had some sort of. I don't know who gave him a forty to collect extremely dangerous and poisonous fighters. Yes. I mean, some of the deadliest spotters in the world we're in his room, and it was freaky because some of them that weren't deadly. He'd let just kind of go around and there'd be webs like these crazy wild. So I think that might be kind of like some of the stuff that you might be into if you're talking about the earthy and just, you know, more engaging. How does our planet function, right? Right. Which of course, will lead up to what brought you into what you do. And we're gonna talk about that later. But this is fascinating about hobbies because I haven't had one guest on hearsay, you know, I just go mushroom hunt. Yeah. I wanna go right. Yeah. It's a it's a really fun thing to do is kind of like a little Easter egg hunt while you're on a hike. And speaking of Easter egg hunts one of the things I haven't done as what are those things called Regan. Go round San Diego scavenger hunts on a geocaching the GOP, right? I haven't done it either. Right. Todd's Notting as head of you done any of that. I actually had a friend that was into it. And he got some money down at mission beach got some money have some guy dropped like two hundred dollars in one of those year Caltrans, and he found it down by the peer. Now, are you supposed to then put something of equal value? Is that the idea, I don't know? But I know it's just like this whole big scavenger hunt. There's so much to do in San Diego that we don't even pay attention to. And this is one of those things where like frisbee golf for just anything that you can go do that. I I'm literally not taking enough advantage of just being here. But there's so much to. So when you think your board, I mean, and sometimes I'll go to that. What can you do in San Diego sites? They don't talk about all those things to from. Where do you find those mushrooms like what spots do you go to where they actually grow? So we're actually quite secretive, and I'll tell everybody in the woods. Okay. So that will really work well for all of you. Maybe that's Paul Brooker bonds. So those are okay, we're we're getting hot. When when you're not looking for mushrooms, which you haven't yet, Luke like, you know, under those bowl because you're really living an active lifestyle. What are what are some of the coolest governor is that you've had in San Diego? Obviously, there's all the great outdoors stuff. That's the easy stuff. But for me, I have developed a passion for jujitsu. Oh, really? Yeah. That's something I've been doing. Although I'm not right now torn EMI L for good job it. I put it in the. You know, fitness not healthy category. There's some risk with it. But it's a fun sport creative physical. And there's a lot of gyms here in San Diego. So it's something you're interested. There's a lot of jujitsu your apps. The new see all these really sprouting. You know, I've seen so much to you sprouting up everywhere. It's it's not just know a contact sport in that sense. But it's like chess it's human chess while sprinting while sprinting, why do you have that element because your heart rate is going to be three? So there's this physical aspect to it. That is very intense. But then there's the tactical chess side as well. I remember just when like mixed martial arts. I came out and the gray season. There were no rules. What's going on because people were getting bloodied badly, but just watching Heus Gracie just use that the people's clothing. That's incredible just to wrap around them. And I thought that was absolutely fascinating. I just you know, he was so small it'd be choking everybody out. And it's like when you on done just knew is done because nobody had any defense. Nobody had ever seen that. So. Yeah. The shamrock days. I I missed those good old days. So we are going to break right away. But when we come back, we're going to be talking with Luke dapa about what we can do to live a great lifestyle. We'll.

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